10 Essential Mobile App Development Facts

As per a report by Statista, there were 3.48 million apps on Android followed by iOS which had about 2.22 million available apps. Such a large number of mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms combined, opens up billion-dollar business opportunities for their proprietors.

Let us have a look at some startling facts about mobile app development.

The following are 10 facts about mobile application development that you ought to be aware:

  1. Mobile Apps are more Famous than Sites:  Today organizations foster mobile apps in light of the fact that clients are investing less energy on the sites and more on applications. Different research reveals that individuals invest 87% of their energy on mobile applications instead of utilizing the desktop site. Thus, mobile application software development services are fundamental for each business.
  • App Stores have around 5 Million Applications: The biggest play store is the Google Play Store for Android operating system. It had around 2.9 million applications till the first quarter of 2020, according to a report by Statista.The iOS app store had around 1.85 million apps during the same time frame.
  • Mobile Apps Produced Billions of Income in 2019: As per Statista, mobile applications produced almost 461 billion US dollars of income in 2019.That makes it significant for organizations to welcome their business on a mobile app. The rising utilization of apps is opening up more income opportunities for the organizations.
  • They are Produced for Various Stages: A mobile app configuration isn’t restricted to a single platform. Android and iOS, as a mobile app development platform, are profoundly famous. Be that as it may, there’s likewise Windows OS, WebOS, Meego OS, Symbian OS, and many more.
  • Mobile App Designers Bring in a Ton of Cash: Apple has paid more than $50 billion to mobile app designers starting around 2008. Clash of Clans is the most extravagant of all with netting around $5 billion. Google Play Store also pays high amounts of cash for income from mobile applications.
  • Twenty toThirty year Olds Make Buys on Mobile Apps: The demand for Enterprise software development company for mobile app development rose due to millennials’ interest in online shopping. They are investing more energy in searching apps for the right item than visiting the store. 63% of recent college grads are bound to buy from their mobile gadgets.
  • iOS is the Favored Stage by Mobile Designers: Practically 42% of designers favor iOS as a mobile app development platform, while just 31% lean toward Android. iOS brings about more income as individuals are bound to make in-app buys. Android is ideally suited for arriving at a mass market of shoppers.
  • The Most Elevated Netting Mobile App is Tinder: The web based dating app, Tinder, created $233 million in income, a year-on-year development of 7%. It is firmly trailed by YouTube with $164 million. The income of the YouTube mobile app has never declined throughout the last years.
  • Mobile App Advertising Creates Significant Outcomes: The in-app mobile advertising market has reached around $15 billion. It has an exceptionally significant resource for organizations that need to get additional leads from mobile applications. Apps are additionally compelling in driving individuals to make a buy move.
  1. Significance of Mobile Apps for B2B: 85% of B2B advertisers accept that software development companies for mobile application development hold a critical spot in content marketing. Aside from being useful and advantageous, they are an incredible marketing apparatus to create more business.


Mobile app development is significant for organizations to flourish in a technologically progressing world. By understanding what it means for their clients, organizations can make better choices and increment their portion of the overall industry. They need to begin considering the indispensable role of mobile apps in taking their business to higher levels

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