10 signs you should try couples counseling

Every relationship has its ups and downs; it is all part and parcel of life. However, at times, the downward spiral becomes more pronounced. The bad times trump the good ones. The conflict becomes bigger than the connection. And in such instances, the relationship has the tendency to combust, and worse yet, to become toxic.

The good news is that getting timely help can lead to better and positive outcomes. Your relationship can potentially be salvaged if you notice the early signs of there being issues with your relationship, and by giving couples counseling a try.

10 signs that you should try couples counseling

Your arguments are a regurgitation of the same events

Arguments are healthy, except when you keep circling to the same point. It means none of you are actually listening to your partner or conceding to their point. Hence, understanding why with the aid of an expert is important.

You do not trust your partner

Trust is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship, and if that is missing, your relationship will not become meaningful or grow for that matter. Hence, get a couple’s therapist’s help for understanding and dealing with the trust issues.

You feel unheard in the relationship

Having healthy communication is crucial to any relationship, but especially in a romantic relationship. Not only does effective communication signal respect, but it also allows couples to be on the same wavelength as each other.

So, if you are feeling unheard in the relationship, you should talk to your partner about it, and consider professional help.

You think your relationship is holding you back

A healthy relationship is one in which both parties are growing. But if you feel as if your partner is the one holding you back, and hampering your growth, then it is important that you get professional help. 

Your relationship is making you depressed

Depression is feeling blue, sad, teary, and a similar spectrum of negative emotions for a long time. There are different triggers for depression, and if your relationship is behind your depressive episode, then perhaps it is time that you consult a marriage counselor. 

You both are growing distant

Growing apart is another sign you need counseling. While at times it is genuinely out of busy routine, unless you grow close back together, you need help.

You are annoyed by your partner

Everyone has mood swings whereby they get irritated at the slightest, but if you are constantly getting irritated by your partner, the person you claim to love, there is certainly something amiss. It is an indicator of the relationship going through a rough patch.

You are fighting all the time

While not fighting at all is also problematic but fighting all the time is also not conducive to a healthy relationship. It is especially problematic if you start resenting your partner and spilling vitriol. It may be time that you get expert help, or otherwise, you might say something that can cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

You are not having sex

Physical intimacy is an important part of your relationship. If you are not having sex or experiencing physical intimacy, then perhaps you should be worried about the state of your relationship. A couple’s counselor can help you understand why you might not be experiencing intimacy anymore.

You are thinking about leaving your partner

Another sign you need a couples therapist is when you are considering leaving your partner for many years. You owe it to your relationship, your partner, and most of all, yourself to give it one last chance. If still things do not work out, at least you will have closure and not feel guilty about leaving your partner.

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