4 Unique Ways For Ice Cream Cone Sleeves That You Never Ignore

Ice cream is one of the most loving confectionaries, and it is a favorite item for of all age’s people. And everyone eats their desired ice cream cones according to their demand. Due to this, ice cream makers offer different flavors in their products line to serve maximum people. Some most loving ice cream flavors are butter pecan, strawberry, vanilla, dark chocolate chips with mint, and tutti-frutti. Also, ice cream brands require perfect ice cream cone sleeves to serve your customers. 

Importance of Custom Cone Sleeves 

The use of custom cone sleeves helps you to protect your ice cream cone from melting. And you can create your cone sleeves according to your budget that is also effective to present your ice creams. Therefore, you can choose color, printing method, and printing content as per the demand of your brand. You can make perfect and alluring ice cream cones sleeves by using different ways. Let’s see what the ways you never ignore to make superb and surprisingly beautiful ice cream covers are? 

Kraft and Aluminum Cone Sleeves With Unique Logo

So, the first tip is to use eco-friendly cardstock to make your waffle cones sleeves. Now is the time to use old magazine paper cone sleeves to present your cone ice creams. In recent times, you need to use customized and personalized ice cream cones that make you distinctive in the pool of competitors. In this regard, you can use heavy-duty paper to create your ice cream cones. So, you can use Kraft, cardboard, and aluminum foil film to make durable cone sleeves and covers. 

However, Kraft is one of the best cardstock to make your ice cream cones sleeves because it is biodegradable and decomposable. If you can use plastic cone sleeves, they never decompose in the soil and take too much time. On the other hand, Kraft has the power to regrow again to become a plant after decomposing in the soil. Also, ensure that your ice cone sleeve suppliers use hygienic proved material and quality ink toners to print waffle cone sleeves. Moreover, you can use aluminum foil film to make leakage prove ice cream cone sleeves to serve your customers. Apart from this, you need to choose a perfect-looking logo to deliver your brand message that is also unique. Here is the list of logos you can use for your brand representation. 

  • Letter based logo 
  • Word-based logo 
  • Mascot logo 
  • Symbolic logo 
  • Pictorial logo
  • Combination logo

Print flavor On Your Cone Sleeves 

The ice cream packaging must be communicative and talkative to provide complete information about your products. So, you must print ingredients, flavor name, brand name, and established date on your ice cream cone jackets. Well, you can choose the color of your cone sleeve according to the flavor that you offer for your customers. Likes you can offer blackberry ice cream, then you can choose colors according to them for printing cone sleeves. Similarly, you can use dark brown color for printing dark chocolate ice cream. Also, you can make chocolate chips and melt chocolate’s on your ice cream cone sleeves to make them engaging. 

Foil Stamping to Highlight Printed Text 

The text that you print on your cone sleeve must be visible for your audiences to attract them from a long distance. So, you additional add-on to fill life in your custom waffle cone sleeves and grasp your users’ attention. Thus, foil stamping is perfect for printing your cone sleeve beautifully. Add to this, you can use hot and color foil stamping according to your desire to highlight the logo, brand name, and particular part f your ice cream cones designs. Here is the list of shades that are popular in the industry. 

  • Gold 
  • Silver 
  • Rose gold 
  • Burgundy 
  • Teal 
  • Turquoise 
  • Gunmetal 

Also, you can apply embossing, debossing, and UV coating with foiling on your cone sleeves to make them extra beautiful.  

Use of Distinctive Pattern For Custom Cone Sleeves 

Also, you need to make your ice cream cone sleeve appealing and enchanting. In this regard, you can use a unique and quirky cone sleeve design that fills life in your packaging. So, you can use different design patterns for your custom ice cream cone sleeves to look esthetic for customers’ use. Here are some design patterns that help you create superb ice cream cone sleeves for your customers. 

  • Symmetrical design 
  • Summer strips 
  • Holographic design 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Red juicy design effect 
  • Abstract design effect 
  • Polk’s dot 
  • Floral pattern 
  • Gingham design 

Wrapping Up Thoughts 

So, the above discussion shows the best ways that you can opt to make fascinating ice cream cone sleeves. On this subject, you can use aluminum and Kraft paper cones with a logo to explain your brand message and give them separate recognition for your customers. Also, you must print the flavor name, color, and image on your ice cream cone sleeves to explain what your sell to your customers. Furthermore, you can use foil stamping and another additional add-on to highlight the text of your cone sleeves for your target audiences. And, also you need to apply distinctively and many other creative design patterns to make them engaging. Now, it is your turn to create the perfect cone sleeve for your target audience


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