5 Chinese Lunar New Year Party Ideas to Rock a Party

This year, many of the Chinese Lunar New Year party are being held digitally with delicious cuisine, entertainment, and art and craft traditions from all around Asia serving as inspiration. This year’s new year begins on February 12th, which is foregone by the new moon on February 11th.

Moreover, On the traditional Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year marks the start of a new year, and this year is the Year of the Ox. The event is held throughout China, with the 11th to 17th of February designated as a national holiday. However, the festivities usually last two weeks, with the Lantern Festival marking the end of the holiday. Many regions and nations that utilize the lunar calendar or have considerable Chinese or Chinese-speaking populations celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. It’s also known as Spring Festival, Tet (Vietnam), and Seollal (South Korea) (Korea).

Top 5 Chinese Lunar New Year Party Ideas

Decorate with the color red

Add these ideas to your Chinese lunar new year party list. Can you imagine a party without decoration? Absolutely not! A pleasing party needs cheerful decorations. One of the Chinese new year activities is the custom to hang red paper decorations in doors, windows, and around the house. Moreover, It is believed that this traditional festival derives from an ancient legend involving a beast named Nian (the term is derived from the Chinese word for “year”), who was known to be scared of the color red.

Exchange red envelopes for good fortune

Chinese new year has another tradition that is exchanging of gifts. Exchange gifts in a very precise way in small red envelopes with lucky money. Additionally, The envelopes represent the giving of good fortune.

Enjoy Chinese Music 

A party is incomplete without music. So, add a Chinese music playlist to your Chinese Lunar new year party to enjoy it. Enjoy the Chinese famous traditional instrument with seven strings that produce an amazing and unique sound. 

Chinese Art Shows 

A magic show is a great way to celebrate this day. Also, A Chinese magician will interact with the audiences in real-time, mesmerizing them with mind-reading and seemingly impossible predictions. 

CNY Celebrations with Bingo 

Bingo is a fun game to play at any time. The holiday-themed Chinese New Years Bingo game template for you to utilize at your online gathering in honor of Lunar New Year.

To play Bingo, distribute the card to participants, then provide time for them to interact and converse. On the squares, players write the names of party members who match the descriptions in the name. Moreover, The player who gets five squares in a row without repeating names wins.

Set a red dress code

In Chinese culture, red is considered a lucky color, which is why it is traditionally worn throughout Chinese New Year and weddings. New red garments are often the appropriate costume choice because the festival also symbolizes new beginnings. To add this element to your virtual party, have a dress code in which your crew wears red outfits.


 In addition, the commotion awakens a magical dragon, who will fly across the sky bringing plentiful spring showers. If you choose to follow the fireworks tradition, be sure to employ a skilled professional to help you get it off the ground safely. New Year’s greetings from China!

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