6 Pizza Ingredient Must-Have’s For A Flavorful Slice

A slice of pizza is always a delight. It never fails to provide different tastes that capture enjoyment and indulgence. The best part of it is you can always make it something that fits your taste. Whatever you’re craving for, you can always find a way to put it on your pizza. From a frozen pizza to a freshly delivered one, the adventure of giving you the best taste is always a treat.

Pizza is a reliable food to eat when you’re hungry or simply stressing eating. Regardless of the reasons, its taste is something that makes each eating experience important and special. This is what makes ingredients an important aspect of pizzas. They can easily make or break your eating experience, so choosing the right ones is always a must.

Ingredients are also the main reasons why there are intense debates on various pizza toppings. Pineapples, olives, and anchovies stir some of the most heated arguments when it comes to pizza and there’s a valid reason why. However, people’s opinions on the food don’t really matter as long as you enjoy it. Indulging in a taste you enjoy makes eating stress-free.

Ingredients are what create flavor and flavor is what makes a good eating experience. Whatever ingredient you please on your pizza is on you. On the other hand, it’s always worth trying new things to explore other flavors.

So, what are some pizza ingredients worthy of trying? Here are some of them:


It would be easy to write off the bacon as pepperoni’s poser cousin, but it would also be wrong. Bacon has an indelible crunch and presents a more pronounced burst of saltiness in lieu of spice. It’s porkier and in general compliments sweet and savory ingredients more effectively than other meats can.

It’s also bacon. Acknowledging that it is bacon – if you think about it – should be where it begins and ends when arguing in its favor.


Getting into the solid center of the pack, we’ve got mushrooms — which crisp up when cooked to a nice earthiness but don’t quite make it out into the glory of the better spots due to their high water content and relative blandness without the addition of garlic or onions. They’re just better when they’re together, folks.


Basil and oregano are some of the most used ingredients for pizza toppings. You’ll probably find them in more than one high-quality pizza. But, using some other ingredients similar to these veggies can be tasty too: food like pumpkin, sweet potato, or even potato. Just remember, you need to cook them before adding them to the pizza. Cook them in the oven, and they will not add moisture to your pizza dough later.


Whether they crisp up in the oven or go on the pizza caramelized, onions are a popular topping that adds a little salty or a little sweet, depending on how they’re prepared. Red onions often accompany barbecue chicken pizzas, while white and yellow onions are popular for supreme pizzas.

When put on top of a pizza, lends it a salty sweetness that’s unparalleled. The natural sugars in onions caramelize when cooked, but they still can’t beat the meaty allure of what’s to come.


Spinach is a delicious way to add a little green to your pizza. Another popular green found on pizzas is arugula. Unlike spinach, which is usually cooked with the pizza, arugula is placed fresh on top of the pizza for a fresh, peppery pop.

You can also enjoy a pizza that balances flavors of herbs and creaminess even more. With spinach, you can retain the creamy and rich moist and texture of cheese while enjoying its flavor. It also adds a kick of rawness to it which makes each bite special.


Green, red, yellow, or orange, peppers add a missing crunchy element to chewy, cheesy pizza. Peppers are wildly versatile so appear in many dishes we all know and love today, but it is surprising that only the green bell gets the action when it comes to pizza. 

Red peppers have a slightly sweet brightness to them that both accentuates a vegetable pie and cuts the fattiness of a supreme of meat lovers. This leaves a dreamy flavor combination. Roasted red peppers maintain the peppery flavor you crave.

Key Takeaway

Even the pickiest eaters love a simple cheese pizza. For adventurous eaters, though, pizza is an endless experiment. It all starts with the bread, and there are plenty of options: flatbread, thin-crust, whole wheat, stuffed crust, French bread, deep dish, and the list goes on. 

Next comes the sauce, and even though red sauces are the go-to, white sauces, pesto, barbecue sauces, and other creations can set the base for the pizza. And finally, the toppings. Pizza toppings usually start with a type of cheese, but from there, you can pile on whatever your heart desires. From bacon to peppers, you can also always guarantee a savory taste from a slice of pizza.

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