A complete method for printer Wifi network

Printer devices are getting more advanced and well-specified. Today, users can easily find a good printer as there are lots of brands and models available. Home users mostly prefer small-sized inkjet printers as they acquire less space and offer good printing quality. You can take printouts for plain documents to high-quality photographs. For libraries and small businesses; people purchase the laser printer as they can print large numbers of printouts at once and have good printing speed. Now printer devices have wireless connection features where he can connect the device without cable. You can connect the printer to your PCs, tabs, smartphone, etc directly. But you can connect the printer to those devices which have printer drivers.

Install printer drivers to your systems

Whether you have connected the printer to the system using wired or wireless; you need to install the driver. Your printer will only understand the print command when you have the driver. This printer driver acts as the channel which receives the command from your PC and then transfers it to the printer. Your printer can’t take the commands directly from the PC. Users can get the driver from the disk or web. If your system has the disc driver then check for the CD you have received with the printer. Insert in on the system and copy the setup. Now run the printer driver setup on the system and it will get installed. When a user can’t use the disc for the setup then he can install it from the web. Download the compatible driver setup on the system from the web. Install it and then you can connect the printer to a PC using a wired or wireless connection.

Connecting Printer to Network using WPS

You can connect the printer to the network using a WPS pin or standard method. Check the access point device for a physical WPS pin. Enable the WPS pin immediately. Now keep your printer near your router and set it to the WPS connection mode. From the printer screen and choose the Setup button. Choose the Wireless settings menu and choose the Push-button. The Wi-Fi lamp will start flashing. Press the WPS button until the connection starts. Go to the printer and check for your network. Choose your network and the lamp will stop blinking. Now the user can connect his printer to the devices using the same network.

Connecting printer to phone using Wi-Fi (Android)

Now, you don’t need to transfer your files to the PC to take your printouts. You can connect the phone to the printer using Wi-Fi. Once you connect the devices then the printer will understand the command. On Android devices, you can use Google print. It allows communication with the printer. If you don’t have the inbuilt print tool then you can install it manually. While downloading the Google print app; you have to check for compatibility. Install the compatible printer driver on the system. Users can also install the Canon mg3600 wireless setup on the phone. After installing the driver, open the application and tap on the three dots. Go to more options and add your printer device. While connecting the printer; make sure the Wi-Fi is enabled on the system. Search for the connection and tap on your device. Once connected then you can take the printouts.

iOS printer connection

For iOS users, you can connect the printer to the phone using AirPrint. Using this tool, you can connect the printer directly to your iPhone or iPad. But users can only use the AirPrint service in Apple-compatible printers. Go to your iOS device and enable the AirPrint. Ensure that your iOS and printer are on the same network. Open the file to print on the iOS device. Give the print command choose the printer. You will get printouts easily.

Printer-PC wireless connection (Windows)

Connecting the printer to a Windows device is easy. Go to the Windows device and open the Cortana and type printer. Choose the Printers tab and click on Add a printer option. Before connecting, make sure your printer and PC are on the same network. Don’t forget to inspect the pages on the printer. Now open the document and give the print command. Your printer will start printing the document.

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