A Complete Study Guide for AWS Certified Solutions Architect

If you want to build a career as an AWS certified solutions architect, you need to study strategically. Only investing time and effort will not do the magic. But, you should follow a practical study guide for preparing for the certification program. An AWS Solution Architect creates, develops, and maintains the infrastructure of the cloud system of AWS. 

So, having an associate certificate helps the candidate get hired by one of the top recruiters in the industry. Also, AWS training and certification assist the individual in achieving credibility in this budding industry. So, if you want to enter this field, having the AWS Solutions Architect- Associate certificate can ease your way. 

Having the AWS Solutions Architect- Certified Associate certificate helps candidates get hired by one of the top recruiters in the industry. It also helps them climb up the credibility ladder in this budding industry. So, if you want to be a player in this field and you want your peers to notice you, you should get certified to polish your technical skills.

But, you may wonder how to prepare yourself for the certification exam? How much time will it take? You do not need to panic because this article will guide you to prepare for the test. 

The exam structure of the AWS certified solutions architect:-

An aspirant needs to have a clear idea of the exam pattern. Otherwise, the individual cannot plan the study program. So, before discussing the preparation planner, take a look at the exam structure. 

  • AWS cloud developer certification exam features 65 MCQs. The problems can have one or multiple answers. 
  • The time allowance of the exam is 130 minutes. So, you will get an average of 2 minutes for each problem. 
  • A candidate needs to carry at least 720 out of 1000 to pass the exam. 
  • The test will mainly evaluate your knowledge of various AWS services. 

Now, scroll down the page to know the basic preparation strategy you need to follow. 

A detailed study guide for the AWS certified solutions architect- associate:-

Although opting for a dedicated training program sometimes feels enough, following an optimal preparation strategy is significant for the AWS DevOps cloud certification exam. 

That is why we break down the entire syllabus of the AWS certification exam into 4 domains with individual weight. Learning the proper weight percentage helps you focus on the topics based on importance.

Focus on the subjects strategically-

There is no universal rule of topic weight percentage in the case of the AWS Solution Architect- Associate certification exam. Instead, it depends on the knowledge and experience level of the candidate. 

If you have any work experience or knowledge in cloud computing, you can focus mainly on the new topics of the syllabus. But, if an aspirant is unaware of the overall AWS certification exam, the individual needs to focus on every topic area with equal importance. 

However, the following points help you get a basic idea of what to expect. 

  • Domain 1-

The section of Design Resilient Architectures carries an average weight of 30% in the test. This domain covers the topic areas of- AWS Global Infrastructure, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, Disaster planning, AWS storage services, and others. Plus, it also covers the cloud security portion. 

  • Domain 2-

Designing the high-performance architectures covers the topic area that includes- auto-scaling network elastic load balancers, storage performance, the networking components of VPC, AWS databases, and several other vital subjects. So, this domain carries almost 28% weight in the exam. 

  • Domain 3-

This domain carries a weight of 24% in the certification exam, and it covers the topics related to designing architectures and applications. So, it includes subjects like- AWS identity and organization, application of Amazon Cognito, AWS mechanism, configuration, and the KMS. 

  • Domain 4-

This domain covers how to design a cost-optimized architecture in network infrastructure. So, it is a lightweight subject area with only 18% weight. 

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The average time you need to learn AWS cloud services in detail-

No AWS certification course can tell you the exact time you need to make yourself well-prepared for the exam. Passing the test with an attractive score entirely depends on the time and effort you put in according to your knowledge and experience. 

So, having prior experience in the cloud services of AWS can help you pass the exam with only 35-40 hours of study. However, several AWS certification training programs also recommend a study time of almost 40 hours as long as you have basic knowledge of AWS services.

But, candidates with full-time jobs can require 6-8 weeks to complete the entire syllabus and revise it. However, if you are clueless about AWS, a minimum study time of 3 months will be appropriate for you. In other words, 50-60 hours of study with practicing the entire syllabus repeatedly. 

Key takeaway:-

Hopefully, this study guide will help you implement the dream of being an AWS certified solutions architect. Also, invest maximum time and effort in this exam preparation. Plus, practice the entire syllabus repeatedly to achieve your goals.

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