All You Need To Know About The Wall Mounted Fans

Fans are essential for air circulation in warmer climates. Ceiling fans are the most commonly used but are not suitable for all applications. If you have a room with a low or double-height ceiling, you will have to look for other alternatives. Pedestal fans need space on the floor. Wall-mounted fans can easily replace a ceiling fan. Find the widest collection of wall-mounted fans online on the Bajaj Finserv Store. The filter and compare features help you find the perfect wall mounted fans for your home. 

Small spaces

A wall-mounted fan gives you air circulation without taking up any floor space. A wall-mounted fan is the best choice in a room with little vertical height and limited floor space. It is also helpful in areas such as garages or workshops where a pedestal fan would get in the way of the operations in the room. They give you a breeze without interfering with equipment and vehicles moving around. They do not compromise the vertical space in the room either. 

Large spaces

If you have a large room that is centrally cooled or with a double-height ceiling, you may still need focused cooling in a particular area. For example, large lobbies and waiting areas have more people seated together in one area. A wall-mounted fan will provide extra cooling in that area within the larger area. 

Focused breeze

A ceiling fan circulates air around the entire room. This is not always desirable. In rooms such as a kitchen, you would want to keep drafts and breezes away from the cooktop. However, the rest of the room would be very uncomfortable without using a fan. A wall-mounted fan directs the breeze towards a specific area without affecting the cooking area. 

Greenhouses, balconies and patios

Outdoor spaces are attractive when the weather is pleasant. But in most average-sized homes, balconies and patios are average-sized. A wall-mounted fan is best for such small areas. You may also find a wall-mounted fan useful in greenhouses and other indoor gardens. Such spaces tend to get too moist, causing plants to suffer from rot and moulid. A ceiling fan may be too hard in the plants, but you can create a draft or a breeze with a wall-mounted fan. 

Pick the right size

A wall-mounted fan should be the right size for proper cooling. Pick a fan size that is large enough to cool the room sufficiently. You should also choose a fan that is within your budget. Compare the Bajaj fan price for different sizes and select the one that suits your room and pocket best. 

The right features for the application

A light wall mounted fan is good for a home situation. But, for industrial use or huge spaces, choose a more powerful fan that is large enough to create a cooling breeze in your room. Such situations also need a fan that is built to be more sturdy than the standard home fan. An oscillation fan is essential to sweep a larger space fully. 

But, in certain applications, the oscillation may be disruptive. So pick a fan that has the option to turn the oscillation off. Also, choose a fan that has different speed settings so that you can adjust it to the one that is most comfortable for you. 

Design elements

A wall-mounted fan in an industrial setting does not need to be anything more than a basic fan. A wall fan is not usually noticed when it is in use. But, when it is turned off, it is at eye level. A decorative wall fan becomes essential in applications such as homes, hotels and offices where aesthetics matter. 

A Fanzart wall fan is a wall fan that is also an art piece. The wall mountings, blades and overall design are aesthetically pleasing. If your room has a lot of wood accents, pick a Fanzart wall fan with wood finished blades. 

These beautifully crafted wooden blades are patterned with a lacquered finish. Traditional patterns on wall fans make them ideal for a home that has a more feel and decor. Special attention has been paid to the wall mount design as well. A more contemporary interior calls for a compact yet eye-catching design with curved blades. 

Controls and features

A remote-controlled fan is very convenient to use and control. Sometimes, a wall-mounted fan may be too awkwardly placed to manage with the manual switches. You also have more freedom to place a wall-mounted fan out of reach or in an inaccessible corner if it has a remote control. Check the Bajaj fan price for different models and opt for the one with the features and controls you need.

With the wide range of budget and luxury mounted fans available on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, it is easier than ever to choose a fan for your room. Pick one that is both beautiful to look at and practical to use.

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