Bigg Boss 15 Gold Trophy Revealed!

Bigg Boss Telugu’s gold trophy has been revealed and it’s gorgeous! The trophy is emblazoned with the season 13 logo sign and looks luxurious. This year’s trophy is much different from last year’s trophy, which was red. Here’s how to get it. Read on! – How to Win a Bigg Boss Gold Trophy? Listed below are some tips.

The first step is to gather trophies. You can earn trophies by killing big bosses. This is also the fastest way to make the most money and level up. Try collecting as many gold trophies as possible to make more gold. There are also a variety of cosmetic items to purchase. The best part is that they come in a variety of colors! So you can decorate your house with as many as you like!

Who Revealed The big boss trophy?

The biggest trophy to unlock is the Empress of Light’s tiara. Her tiara is reminiscent of the sun. This trophy can only be obtained by killing the Empress of Light. This means that you’ve defeated the legendary pirate. The Empress of Light’s tiar is her most popular trophy. The Golem’s head is the second prize. The Moon Lord’s head is the third prize. The Ogre’s heart is the fourth trophy to earn in big bossĀ 15

The Ice Queen’s trophy is a crown. Santa-NK1’s trophy is a Santa Mask. Everscream’s trophy is a branch. The Flying Dutchman’s trophy is a Jolly Roger flag. The Martian Saucer’s trophy is a floating book. The Ogre’s trophy is his head. The Life Preserver is not considered a trophy. A life-saving device is another item that can earn you trophies.

The King’s trophy is a golden crown. The Eater of Worlds’ trophy is a skull. The Eye of Cthulhu’s trophy is a tooth. The Eye of Cthulhu is a giant eye. The Ogre’s trophy is a bone. The Martian Saucer is a floating book. The Ogre’s Trophy is his head. The Wall of Flesh’s trophy is a sword.

Who Can Win The Gold Trophy

The Golden trophy is given to the winner of the season. To win it, the housemates must perform well in all the tasks. If they have performed well, they can win the gold trophy. The Bigg Boss will choose the winning housemate by using the criteria of their performance in the house. The winning trophy is a golden spoon with a star on it. The Golden Bowl is a gold cup with 25 ounces of silver.

The Golden Cup is the prize money for the winner of the season. The Bigg Boss Gold Trophy is given to the contestant who wins all the tasks. The winner of the competition has the ability to earn more than the average housemate. During the season, the contestants rotate mills. They must also win tasks in order to get the gold trophy. This is a unique prize that is only available for those who have won the previous season.

The Golden Boot is the Bigg Boss Gold Trophy. It is the prize money that the housemates receive for winning the game. The winner can win a gold trophy or a silver trophy. The first prize is worth $2 million. The prize money is given to the housemates at the end of the season. The next step is to win the gold trophy for the contestants. You can also choose the Golden Boot if you are a housemate with the most votes.

The winners of the Golden Boot are the ones who have won the most tasks during the season. During the finale, the winner is the one who has the most gold and is the most loved among the contestants. Divya and Rahul were the first two girls to win the Golden Boot. The show has a very interesting theme every time. The housemates have to complete tasks in order to win the prize. The Golden Boot is the most popular among the housemates.

Ending Up Discussion!!!

The housemates’ performance on day 24 and day 25 was good. The audience was happy with the housemates’ performance. The housemates who won the Golden Boot were the finalists, but the audience did not have the chance to vote for them. The Golden Boot is the most important award of the season. After a contestant has won the trophy, the viewers will vote for their favorite housemate. If a person has a favorite housemate, they’ll win the trophy.


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