How to Clear the CA Exams in just First Attempt? Tips by VSI Jaipur

Even the thought to clear the CA Exams can give a nightmare to many students sometimes. The difficulty level of CA exams cannot be compared, and the lengthy syllabus adds up the difficulty to the next level. The student finds it hard to secure good marks in all the subjects and pass the exams. But no matter how difficult this exam is, it can be made easy by following the best preparation tips by VSI Jaipur.

Why VSI Jaipur?

Here we are considering the tips from VSI Jaipur because it is the best and most eligible institute to grab the information from. VSI Institute has given the AIR 1 seven times in the last ten years. In the CA exam results of 2021, Girish Aswani secured AIR 1 with 689 marks out of 800.

The teachers at VSI train with quality study materials based on the ICAI CA exam syllabus. VSI also conducts regular mock tests designed as per the exam pattern guidelines given by the ICAI. And the best thing offered at VSI is the personalized guidance provided to each student.

VSI Preparation Tips to Clear CA exams

1. Take Foundation Seriously

Many students fail the CA Foundation exams because they consider it an easy one and compare it with the commerce syllabus of class 12. So, to increase your passing chances, you must prepare for the Foundation course in the best possible ways. When you take the Foundation exam seriously, you will automatically get the confidence to appear in the Intermediate paper. Based on this belief, VSI Jaipur CA Foundation classes are conducted. This also builds up the base for your Intermediate results.

2. Get into the Best CA Coaching

Although getting into the best CA coaching institute is not all you need but is a crucial part of what will help you. Learning under the proper guidance plus your hard work will help you achieve success. It might be difficult for the students to opt for the best institute since every institute is hyping its facilities.

However, you can go for VSI Jaipur institute, as it marks many boxes to be termed as the best CA coaching in India. To mention a few, it has the best teaching faculty, provides personalized guidance, teaching is based on ICAI guidelines, and has amazing past year results. So, for hard-working aspirants, a few things should be considered while looking for coaching for CA exams.

3. Follow the Proper Study Timetable

One of the CA aspirants’ most significant mistakes is that they get entirely dependent on the coaching institutes and do not focus on their self-study. To get the best result and crack CA exams on the first attempt, students must prepare a proper study timetable and follow it strictly without procrastination. This study timetable must be based on the CA exam schedule and include reasonable time for each subject.

4. Use the ABC Analysis

ABC analysis is one of the most effective ways of completing the entire syllabus most effectively. However, you must be aware of the CA exam pattern in order to categorize the syllabus. Here, you need to divide the whole syllabus into three parts, namely A, B, and C. Keep the 30% of the syllabus in the A section that covers that 70% of the questions, then group the 50% of the syllabus in section C that covers the 20% of the questions and remaining in section B. This strategy will help you to cover the entire syllabus effectively.

5. Take Guidance from Teachers and not from the Negative Students

Never make the mistake of discussing the CA exam syllabus or preparation strategy with the students who have a negative attitude towards the exams. These students will continuously demotivate you and create a sense of fear inside your mind. Also, never take the suggestions from the students who failed it. If you want to discuss the syllabus, doubts, or the strategy, then go to your teachers because the teachers are the ones who will guide you the best.

Other helpful preparation tips by VSI

VSI CA coaching institute has the best strategy plan for the students. Now, there are some other tips also, that you must follow while preparing for the CA exams.

  • CA aspirants must have a proper plan and goals to cover the entire CA syllabus.
  • As an aspirant, you must have a habit of the daily revision of all the subjects.
  • Students should not skip any of the topics from the syllabus and make sure to make every issues crystal clear.
  • Aspirants should make short notes on their own to revise quickly.
  • Students should also have the habit of solving daily mock test papers

Why consider VSI for CA Exams Preparation?

Have a look at the best strategy of VSI that makes it the best institute for CA Exams Preparation:

1. Timely Course Completion

VSI focuses on timely course completion so that the student can get adequate time to solve the mock tests and revise the CA exam syllabus. VSI also offers the best CA Online classes in India that help students to study at their own comfort.

The primary strategy used by VSI to complete the syllabus is the ABC analysis, in which the syllabus is divided into A, B, and C groups, which we have discussed above. In this way; the institute manages to complete the entire course effectively and timely, way before the exam.

2. Mock Test Papers

Mock test papers set by VSI are based on the ICAI syllabus and the past year’s question paper analysis of the CA Exams. These mock test papers contribute a 40% role in the result of the student. Since the students give this exam in the perfect environment as in the examination hall, they get confident of appearing in the paper.

3. Personalized Guidance

The best part of the VSI institute is the personalized guidance provided to each student, which plays a major role in their results. This personalized guidance is provided based on the performance of the mock test papers conducted by VSI. As per the results, the student is divided into groups, and each student is provided with the guidance required by them.


Therefore, if you follow up on the best tips given by the VSI Jaipur, you will be able to crack the CA Exams on the first attempt. You must follow the directions of VSI since it is an institute with great experience and results. In the last ten years, VSI CA Institute has successfully secured the AIR 1 seven times. They are also the most capable ones to help students achieve their goals in CA Exams.

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