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At Sens Care AB, we offer a variety of opportunities to help you develop your career in medical care.

Sweden is a great place to live and work. It offers many employment opportunities with good pay, safe conditions and the freedom of choice on where you want your job done.

När du arbetar som bemanningssjuksköterska för Sens Care ska det vara enkelt. Vi vill ge dig bästa möjliga service så du kan ha fullt fokus på ditt arbete och göra det du är bäst på.

The health and care industry is constantly changing, which means that no matter what role you have in it today there will be alternatives for tomorrow. Sens Care AB wants to help people by giving them access into new careers with our innovative services.

With assignment shortage all over, it’s time to find the perfect one for you. Get your Care staffing assignments from Assignment Helpers now.

There are never enough hours in a day – but we’re here make sure that every minute is worth something exciting and new when our team of experts writes them out on paper just how YOU want them: bespoke tailored specifically according each client’s needs so there won’t be any problems with quality or deadlines ever again.

We offer a variety of assignments that are perfect for doctors throughout Sweden and parts of the Nordic region.

We are looking for nurses who want to work in the most diverse range of settings. Are you up For adventure?

Nurses, we can offer flexible and well-paid assignments with both municipalities & county councils as well private actors.

The work that I do every day is so exciting! As a sociologist at Sens Care AB, it’s my responsibility to help people in need.

Sens Care AB is Growing in Staffing For Care And Nursing

We have a long history of helping healthcare professionals from various backgrounds find employment across Sweden.

Favorable Terms And Salaries

As a doctor, nurse or sociologist with Sens Care AB you’ll find the conditions to be excellent. We offer one of industry’s best compensation plans and are committed in strengthening your security as well! Some benefits include:

  • We have agreements with both regions and private care providers in the country for a varying range of job opportunities.
  • We arrange accommodation and everything else practical you need to be able to carry out your assignment ..
  • With us, you are fully insured and can thus feel safe when you undertake an assignment.
  • We have an emergency line you can call around the clock, all year round for urgent matters.
  • We arrange occupational pensions for those who wish.
  • Are you waiting for your ID? We help you gain time by planning your future assignment in advance.

We Are Different From Many Other Staffing Companies

HR managers, this one’s for you! When it comes to finding the perfect candidate and getting them on boarded into your company culture – Sens Care AB has got everything covered. With our innovative solutions in recruitment technology we can streamline all steps from A-Z so that there are no hiccups along their journey with us as they become part of our team – confident & ready go get things done right away…or at least have some good old fashion fun while doing said job.

Submit An Expression Of Interest

The Sens Care recruitment process is simple and smooth.

You submit an expression of interest by filling in information about your current situation, as well requests for assignments- all from one easy form!

A secure employer

With us, you get both flexibility and security. With our network of contacts all over Sweden, you can feel confident that we always have many assignments to offer you who want to become a consultant. We offer all our consultants collective agreements and occupational pensions. If you need travel and accommodation for an assignment, we can help you with that as well.

Rocket fuel for your career?

We work with you to ensure that your career develops and your knowledge comes into its own. All our consulting managers have a background in healthcare and can therefore match your profile to the right assignment. With clients throughout Sweden, you get the chance to develop your skills and grow in your profession.

About Sens Care AB

You can trust Sens Care to get your operation up and running smoothly.

As a consultant at Sens Care, you get greater flexibility & freedom to choose how, where and when you want to work. With varying assignments throughout Sweden, we give you the opportunity to take on interesting and exciting assignments as a consultant where you can grow in your professional role.

Fully-Trained Nurses We know how important it is for us not only meet but exceed expectations when providing assistance during these difficult times – so our nurses are fully trained experts on top off caring skills like Motivation Enhancement Therapy (MET) & Lightening Neuro feedback Training.

We have agreements with almost all major regions and private healthcare providers in Sweden.

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