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Craigslist sarasota :- Craigslist is making all the buzz in the web market. Craigslist still rules the web world in 2018. And, no one could have ever imagined that it would. Craigslist was launched in 1996 in San Francisco, California. Craig Newmark, a college student, was selling his “Craig’s List” in the Stanford newspaper. In 1998, Craig moved the Craig’s List website to the World Wide Web. Craig’s List made revenue by selling 14 cents per post sold to people. In 1997, Craig’s List sold 70,000 posts, and in 2018, it sold 300 million posts. Craigslist is the top website for classified ads today.

craigslist sarasota. Are you thinking about selling your car, but not sure where to go? This posts is about the craigslist sarasota.

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