Creating Quality SEO Backlinks For Search Engine Viability

What are Backlinks?


Backlinks are links on third-party websites that point back to your SEO Company Chicago site. The more good quality, relevant backlinks you have pointing to your site, the higher it will rank in search engines.


What Causes Back Link Significance?


The importance of a link is determined by the importance of the web page it is linking back to. A link from an authoritative website with lots of traffic will be worth much more than a link from a lesser-known or unpopular website. Links also differ in their weighting – some might give you an instant boost while others don’t count for as much – so picking out which ones to focus on can be tricky. Give them all equal attention and eventually, they’ll all come together nicely.


Why Do I Need Backlinks?


An SEO Company Chicago site’s success in the search engines is measured partly by how many other sites want to link to it; that’s how Google works. Your link popularity directly affects your search engine success. Google likes sites with lots of good quality links and ranks them higher than sites with fewer, poor quality, or irrelevant links.


Ways To Build Backlinks For Search Engine Viability


1. Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is a great way to get backlinks to your SEO Company Chicago site. Think of it as an opportunity for you to speak on someone else’s platform, to reach their audience; in exchange for that, you expect that person to link back to your site.


It’s not just about getting a link – your submission should be high-quality content that adds value for the readers and stays focused on whatever you promised in your pitch (you will want to pitch them an idea beforehand). You can find valuable guest blogging opportunities on sites such as 

Copyblogger and some niche directories.


2. Forum Posting


You can get backlinks from the resources of other websites. Often the people who maintain these websites have a lot of influence and access in the area they work in so it’s very easy to get yourself listed without much effort. You’ll have to make a good post that is well written, useful, beneficial; and of course, will be up-voted by your readers. Posting on forums tends to be good for community building, however, you should always make sure that your content is original – nobody wants a rehash of an article you found somewhere else with no value-added.


3. Press Releases And Newsletters


A press release is a formal, news-style article about your SEO Company Chicago website that includes links back to it. When you pitch it out to the media, most of them will accept and publish it because it is free advertising for them too. You can write the press release yourself or hire a professional who specializes in writing them.


Newsletters are nothing but email marketing. The same way you send newsletters to your subscribers; you can also create one for yourself and include your link back in there too, for better exposure.


4. Content Syndication


Content syndication is a piece of content republished by an author of another website. To create yourself a piece of content, you need to find the right authority website and the right niche in it and submit your article or others’ articles there. You can then get a share of those visits that originated from your piece of content by placing them on your website through some RSS feed or similar and then link back to the original published one on their site from yours. This is how SEOs usually track backlinks for their clients through quality content for promotion as well as for an SEO Company in Chicago.


5. Website Commenting


SEOs love to use website commenting for backlink building. Websites are not just valuable resources of information; they also have a wealth of valuable content on their sites that are not published openly to the public. SEOs can harvest this content by commenting on these pages and earning backlinks from them.


6. Link Exchange Programs (LPs)


A link exchange program is a networking strategy where you promote another site’s links with your own site’s web links in return for reciprocal promotion done with yours. You can get some high-quality backlinks as a result, including authority websites in your niche and well-established websites too.


7. Forum Participation


Participating in a forum can act as a source of backlinks – but use it with care and don’t overdo it. Firstly, you should always add more value to your comments on the forum (better than the others) to make sure that you get up-voted by readers and have more chances to get your comment placed at the top and displayed prominently. Secondly, don’t be a spammer – keep it natural and relevant to the SEO Company Chicago.


8. Blog Commenting


Blog commenting is a natural form of backlink building too where you leave comments on blog posts to let people know what you think about the article and also to leave your link in the comment form for some extra backlinks.


Of course, you must remember to make valuable comments that are genuine and add value, not just spam links. The quality of these links will be determined by the quality of your comment; if it’s deemed worthy by other readers then it’ll get up-voted and be given more significance.


9. Podcast Backlinks


Podcasts are audio content disseminated through the internet. They are commonly associated with video content, but the audio-only ones are quite popular too. Podcasts can be music, news, talk shows, commentary, and many more. The users of podcasts have very good connectivity to information; they tend to listen to several podcasts at a time and spend quality time on them too. This is why podcasting has become very popular in recent years as a marketing tool. You need to make sure that your podcast has good quality information such as statistics, good relevant points, and well-thought-out strategies for success.


10. Directory Submissions


Directory submissions are the act of submitting your SEO Company Chicago website to major companies of your type, such as yahoo or bing. You should always take a look at what kind of directories are in the market, firstly by analyzing your competition’s backlinks and then taking a look at what is popular among webmasters. Also, some directories focus on niche marketing instead of mass-market so you’ll want to make sure that you choose those.


11. Article Writing And Publishing


Article publications can get backlinks for the owner of the article published; this works for both self-published articles and those with an author profile link attached to them. These are great ways to get links to your SEO Company Chicago website because they can be spread far and wide with the help of syndication.


12. Blog Posting


Blogs are the most popular way of letting people know about content that you have created. You can blog about anything and everything today and there will always be a niche market for you to use as your target audience. The best blogs also let people comment on their articles so you can use this for a backlink-building tool. If a blog is known for its content, then it will have a lot of good quality backlinks that we SEOs would love to associate with our client’s websites.


13. Classified Posting


Classified posting is another way of getting links to your website; or at least the first step in that direction. Post your classifieds where they’ll be most relevant and get people looking for your product/service as they search through classified sites. This way, you’ll get more hits to your SEO Company Chicago website and you can then follow up with them via email so they can go to your site directly – that’s two links to the same domain if you have a WordPress website already!


14. Forum Posting


Forum posting is not only about writing about other webmasters’ websites but also about leaving comments on their sites, leaving reviews, and even posting articles on popular forums in your niche. This is not just a way of getting links to your website but also a good way of getting promotions.


15. Article Submitting


If you have written an article, then submit it to the websites that you think it may be relevant on and see if they accept it to appear on their site. This takes a bit of hustle but is worth it as the opportunity for backlinks is pretty good and the link-building is quick too.


16. Testimonial 


A sample of one of your customers who is happy to say positive things about you and your product/service on their websites will get you a great backlink from them in return. You can also ask for reviews from customers on the social media portals that are relevant to your SEO Company Chicago sector.


17. Review Of Your Content


This is another good way of getting backlinks for yourself as well as getting some free promotion for your site. If someone leaves a review (or even better, a first-hand experience) about you and your content then you can get some quality links to all the other sites that link directly to the review post too!


18. The Moving Man Method


A moving man method is a form of link-building that involves forwarding an email to people work-related to you and asking them to forward it to others in exchange for some sort of reward. You can also use this as a creative link-building method too; something like asking someone with the same last name to do this for you, or asking their friends with the same names.


19. Ego Busting Techniques


It’s important that you don’t become too egotistical about your writing skills and how much traffic it will get for you. Ego-busting techniques are about panicking your ego, for lack of a better term. Use this method if you feel that your content and website are so superior to everyone else’s out there, that it needs to be advertised to the world. If you have a good enough SEO Company Chicago website and content, then this will indirectly get backlinks for you too.


20. Website Submission


Website submission is the basic backlink building that includes submitting your website to directories, press releases, or social media outlets such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. This can be very time-consuming but still is the best link-building technique available.




There are many other ways of getting backlinks and this is why managing these techniques properly is so important. The best way to build links to your website is to just build a good quality site with useful and valuable content, then hire someone who will help you out with link-building. You should also focus on white-hat SEO and not black-hat SEO for an SEO Company in Chicago.

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