How one can disable Inbox Tabs in the Gmail service?

Gmail uses category tabs to manage the inbox into several types of messages. It depends on the way you like to use email; these tabs might be sometimes easy and annoying at times. If you find them more annoying than helpful then, you can get rid of them. If you do so then, you will find all emails within the tabs that will be there in the general Inbox. You easily can disable Inbox Tabs in Gmail service and for that, you have to stick with a few steps.

Steps to Disable Inbox Tabs in Gmail service

You easily can disable inbox tabs in Gmail and for that follow the steps which we are going to discuss below.

  • First and foremost, open the Gmail Inbox appears in the upper-right corner and choose the Settings icon
  • Then, choose to See all settings and choose the Inbox Tab
  • Deselect the tabs which you don’t want to see appears next to the Categories
  • After that, scroll down and choose Save Changes

Gmail will take a few moments to refresh the inbox and after it does, the tabs you disable will remove. The content will appear in the Primary tab

Remove Gmail Tab Categories in Web

If you know the procedure of inbox working in Outlook or Apple’s Mail app, you might see the email in the single inbox view. Gmail allows you to disable the tab categories in the Settings

  • First and foremost, open the Gmail website in the desired browser and click on the Settings icon from the right corner
  • Choose the option that says “See All Settings” and go to the “Inbox” tab from the Settings menu
  • Uncheck the category from the categories section which you have to remove. You can disable the “Promotions”, “Social”, “Updates”, and “Forum” categories
  • When you have unchecked the tabs which you want to remove, scroll down and click on the “Save Changes” option

Gmail will reload and you will see that the tab categories are up-to-date are based on the selection. If you unchecked all of the categories then, the inbox will show all emails in a single view without using any tabs

Remove Tabs Categories in Gmail for Android or iPhone

For the Gmail app for Android and iPhone, tab categories will show in the sidebar menu. The interface between the Gmail app on Android and iPhone is different. The procedure to remove tab categories is the same

One can easily disable categories in the Inbox section from the Gmail app settings on an account basis. In case, if you use multiple accounts then, you will need to follow the steps for every account

  • First of all, open the Gmail app on the Android Smartphone and tap on the Menu button appears in the top-left corner of the screen
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose the option “Settings” from there
  • Now, tap on the email account where you want to disable the tab categories and choose “Inbox Categories” from the Inbox section

Uncheck the tab categories which you would like to hide and if you are using an iPhone, you will see the toggle switches. If you are using an iPhone, you will see toggle switches instead and then, use the “Back” option. This option appears from the top-left corner to move back to the home screen of Gmail.

Wrap Up-

When you are all set with the procedures and get back to the home screen, you will see the new inbox view. That comes with categories which you have chosen. If you unchecked all those categories then, those categories in the sidebar will disappear. You can see available emails in the Inbox.

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