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Effective Tips to Deal with Ant infestation

Ants are a common phenomenon when it comes to being sighted in the house. You just have to spot one and the rest of them won’t be far away. These creatures always travel in groups and affect the place greatly. It can be an irritating situation and if it is not checked on time, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. They will not only spread everywhere but contaminate food too. The ant bites are another story to tell.

You need to eliminate these colonies as soon as possible so that, they don’t cause any problems in the long run. Moreover, there are several natural remedies available that allow you to deal with the infestation without involving chemicals and toxins. Check them out here.

Natural ways to eliminate ants from your house

Liquid Detergent or Glass Cleaner

If you are looking for some natural ways to deal with the ant infestation, then you need to try out certain things that are available to you at home. you can start by testing the combination of glass cleaner and one of your favorite liquid detergents. Ants detest that kind of smell and so flee the areas if you use this combination to deal with them.

It is due to the strong smell of the fluids which hampers their sense of smell. Using the solution to clean their trails can mess up with their pheromone trails. Doing so, makes their line break. For that, you need to mix the two solutions well and spray them on the affected area, especially those places where they gather. You can either spray the solution on the surface or wipe it with a cloth dipped in the solution. This study is supported by several studies and if you are seriously trying to get rid of ants, then this tip is worth the try.


Peppermint is known for its refreshing smell but do you know how beneficial it can be used to remove pests? It is one of the amazing insect repellents. Peppermint is known for getting rid of ants, mosquitoes, and other insects. All you need is 10-20 drops of peppermint oil. Pour peppermint oil in 2 cups of water, and spray that in the infected area.

Even if the place does not have any signs of infestation, you can still spray it so that, they don’t affect the place. Leave it to dry and you won’t have any problem dealing with it. They are one of the best essential oils but you need to ensure that they are kept away from the cats. The cats become seriously ill when they get exposed to peppermint oil. You can easily find this oil easily in grocery stores. It is easily available online too.

Neem Oil

Neem tree oil is one of the common products found in Indian households. It is our granny’s favorite ingredient to treat different pest problems at home. One can use the diluted form of the oil. If you don’t feel satisfied with the results, then you can use the concentrated form. There are several other benefits of this oil, and you can buy them on any e-commerce site. It will be extremely effective if you can get some branded ones.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee is good for refreshing your day but they also help in keeping the ant infestation at bay. Brew it or sprinkle the powder on the infected area. The freshly ground coffee works wonder on taking the ants out. There may be several areas where the ants frequent regularly. Sprinkling the coffee grounds in these areas will help in controlling their visits.

The kitchen area, pet bowls, grocery items, etc. can easily attract ants. Leaving the powder on the windowsill or in areas where they come. Change them once in a while and replace them with fresh ones. This will not only keep your house smelling great but also keep ants at bay.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a common item used to kill termites, ants, and other pests wreaking havoc in the house. This seeps inside the skeleton of the organisms and absorbs all the fluid out of their body. The diatomaceous earth is is an irritant that causes breathing issues to the pests. A sprinkling of this powder requires a lot of expertise so, it is best to have them handled by the pest exterminator.

Boiling water

What won’t get killed by the boiling water? From a big man to the tiniest creature can be severely affected by the boiling water. You can try this trick on the ants too. The ant colonies are vast and widely spread. So, if you have ant holes in your house and are constantly troubling you, then try to pour boiling water down the hole. The spray of boiled water will kill the ants effectively within seconds. If you are not interested in dealing with an ant infestation in this inhumane way, then you can resort to several others that can help in controlling ant problems in the house.


Turmeric is a commonly used spice in every Indian household. It is known to have compounds that can help in repelling ants. To use it effectively, you should sprinkle the turmeric in the infested area or line the edges with the powder. Another thing that one can do with the turmeric is to make a thick paste by adding a few drops of water to the powder. Use this paste to fill the ant holes from where they might be coming inside the house. You can notice them receding back to their holes making it one of the effective methods to deal with an ant infestation.

Hiring Pest Control Company

A pest control company should be booked to inspect the house regularly. Several products that can effectively eradicate ant infestation completely are available with them. If you want your house to be ant-free, then you should hire a pest control company to help deal with the ant problem in the house.

For better assistance, you can connect with the pest control services in Delhi NCR. To have a safe surroundings, you need to put certain preventive measures in place. It is normal to feel doubtful about these services, in that case, you can consult before hiring a professional exterminator.

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