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Guidelines for Functional and Stylish Area Rugs in Kids Room

Area Rugs could be just as stylish in your kids room, as they are in your lovely living room. Thankfully, today’s market is filled with a great selection of Area Rugs that would be a great addition to your child’s room; these Area Rugs are not only stylish but are built to last. This variety of options means that there are plenty of cool, and trendy decorative Area Rugs available for outfitting your child’s nursery, bedroom, and playroom.

Area Rugs serve as both a functional role and as a styled element in your child’s room. We are here to help you make a better purchasing choice, but providing you with some general guidelines regarding the functional and style element of your kids’ room Area Rug.

  1. Functionality:

It should come as no surprise that an Area Rug in your child’s nursery, playroom, or bedroom needs to be able to withstand a lot of mess. It is not just your child, it is the law of nature that all children’s rooms are bound to suffer their fair share of spills, and damage. So functionality should be a top priority, when picking an Area Rug for your child’s room.

The term functionality in this case means the ability to withstand damage, soft and comfortable enough for your child to safely play on, and of course easy to clean.

To make sure the rug is soft and comfortable enough for your child to play on, get a thicker pile Area Rug. Such Area Rugs will provide extra cushioning, but keep in mind that they may require some additional steps when it comes to cleaning. Make sure to read the label on the Area Rug, before attempting to clean it.

Area Rugs made with synthetic materials, even the thick ones, are easily vacuumable; most are machine washables. Stains on such rugs can be removed relatively easily, by using simple methods. This makes them perfect for your child’s room.

  1. How to deal with Stains

As stated earlier, your child’s room Area Rug is bound to experience spills, and any number of other types of stains. This will most likely occur in between regular vacuum cleaning sessions, so in such cases it is great to know following tried and trusted stain cleaning methods:

  • Immediately after a spill, blot the spill area with a white microfiber cloth or paper towels. Use a mixture of warm water and white vinegar; dip a clean microfiber cloth into the mixture and gently dab the stained area. Do not rub in the stain; doing that will only exacerbate the stain. Then gently rinse the area with cold water.
  • In case of gum, or something solid stuck in the rug, use a dull edge spoon or spatula to peel off as much of the solid material out of the rug, and then use a paper towel dab the area with a mixture of warm water and white vinegar. As previously stated, do not rub in the stained area. Again use a dull spoon or spatula to get out the remaining solid material. Then gently rinse the area with cold water.
  • If possible, let the rug dry in the sunlight, outside.

2. Style:

When considering an Area Rug for your kids room, style should not have to take a backseat, to durability. An Area Rug can be a useful tool to complement the entire style of any room, because its visual impact is a major focal point for the entire room. You can use even a simple patterned Area Rug as the basis of the color scheme of your child’s room. When done right, a simple Area Rug, perhaps with some geometric shapes, can serve as a complementing feature for all the cute wall decorations, educational toys, and kid-friendly furniture in the room.

In today’s market, you can easily find reasonably priced, more bold print Area Rugs, that are specifically designed for kids’ rooms. We are sure some adults will love these rugs too.

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