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Health benefits of using kudzu root

Kudzu is a plant that belongs to the Pueraria genus as well as being native to various Asian nations.

For several years, individuals have employed kudzu root for Eastern medicine. Kudzu root has recently found its way into Western nations like herbal supplements.

One might be curious how individuals utilize kudzu root as well as what people should know before giving it a go. This article looks at the health benefits and applications of kudzu root.

The kudzu root

The kudzu root, commonly known as Japanese arrowroot, seems to be indigenous to China, Japan, as well as Korea. For ages, these civilizations have made extensive use of it. Kudzu now grows in various places of the globe, including the southern parts of the United States.

The plant is indeed the trailing vines which often grows on top of many other trees and plants. As a result, many people consider this an invading weed.

For almost two thousand years, humans have utilized kudzu root for traditional Chinese medicine to cure fevers, diarrhea, as well as heart disease and diabetes.

Kudzu root, throughout its raw condition, mimics different root tubers like potato and yams. This has brown skin as well as white meat, so it is oblong in form. Because kudzu plant looks similar as poison ivy, this is critical to properly identify it accurately.

Health Benefits of kudzu root

Over 70 plant chemicals are found within kudzu root, and some can be accountable for such root’s possible health benefits.

Loss of weight

Early study reveals that consuming 300 mg of kudzu extracts orally daily over 12 weeks decreases body fat as well as body mass index  among obese adults. So you can lose weight through use of kudzu root. It will act as a great fat burner in this circumstance.

However, using 200 mg of kudzu extracts every day, on the other hand, doesn’t really have the same benefits.

Alcoholism may be reduced

According to certain research, kudzu root can aid in the treatment of alcohol consumption disorder.

One short research examined the impact of kudzu upon 17 males aged 21–33 who reported drinking between 22 and 35 beers each week. For four weeks, subjects were given either kudzu extracts or even a placebo.

Throughout the trial, individuals reported the craving for and intake of alcohol. The kudzu extracts seemed to have no impact on alcohol urges, but still it did cut the number of alcoholic beverages per week by 34–57 percent, according to the researchers.

Additionally, males that used kudzu experienced less heavy drinking sessions each week considerably more days with really no alcohol intake.

This impact has also been shown in other research. Even just a single dosage of kudzu extract lowered alcohol intake as well as avoided excessive drinking in certain cases.

It is indeed worth noting that such research employed kudzu extracts, which might have included other elements of a kudzu plant than the root. As a result, experts should do more study in this field, especially on the impacts of kudzu roots.

It might aid in the treatment of liver damage

Kudzu root has a high concentration of antioxidants, which protects cells against oxidative stress, which may result in illness. The antioxidant component puerarin is by far the most prevalent inside the kudzu vines.

In one mouse research, kudzu vine extracts were shown to be very useful in curing alcohol-induced liver disease by scavenging damaging free radicals as well as enhancing the antioxidative system.

Menopausal symptoms may be alleviated

Several health business companies are selling Pueraria mirifica, a kudzu root species, like the supplement for menopausal as well as postmenopausal women.

Kudzu root includes phytoestrogens, which are plant chemicals that function similarly like estrogen inside the body.

Kudzu root can aid in the treatment of the most prevalent menopausal symptoms, like hot flashes as well as excessive sweating.

Small trials in individuals have shown great changes in such menopausal symptoms, as well as others, such as vaginal dryness. Other studies, nevertheless, have revealed unclear evidence for its application.

Other possible advantages

i) Inflammation could be reduced.

 In one animal investigation, isoorientin, a chemical derived from kudzu roots, was shown to increase antioxidant levels as well as decrease inflammatory indicators among mice having swollen paws.

ii) Could be beneficial to heart health

Mice having burn-induced heart damage benefited from kudzu root’s heart-protective properties. It is already applied in  traditional oriental medicine for the treatment of cardiac problems, but additional study is needed.

iii) Severe headaches could be relieved

A short case study including 16 persons with recurrent cluster headaches discovered that kudzu roots decreased headache severity in 69 percent of patients, frequency in 56 percent, as well as duration in 31%.


Through our discussion in this article, we can say that kudzu root has great health benefits. It can help people lose weight. It is effective as a fat burner. Besides that, it is also effective for curing alcoholism and liver damage. It is also good for your heart. Therefore we can say that kudzu root is beneficial for your health.

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