Home-Remedies to Treat Dark Circles

It is said that the eyes are the key to the personality and soul of a person! Unfortunately, dark circles can take away their beauty and charm by making you look older than your actual age. There is a detailed composition about home remedies for dark circles effectively and permanently removing them. What makes it simpler is that the constituents are substantially set up in our Indian kitchens. Read the complete composition to know further about them.

What Causes Dark Circles?

Dark circles can be caused due to several reasons and not just sleep privation as most people suppose. Some of the causes are disinclinations leading to rubbing of the eyes, and lack of sufficient sleep, which may spawn the eyes to swell up and look fluffy, performing in a shadow- suchlike appearance. Also, the side goods of certain specifics too can be dark circles.

  • Heredity plays an important part in the appearance of dark circles. However, your chances to get them are likely to increase If your parents or close cousins had them.
  • Loss of Plainness With aging, the skin beneath your eyes starts lacing down due to the loss of Collagen. This can lead to dark circles.
  • Anemia Iron insufficiency lowers your blood rotation to the eyes, which can reveal the colors accumulated in blood vessels.
  • Certain drugs can beget dilation of blood vessels and give the appearance of a dusk tinge, performing in dark circles.
  1. Turmeric

For those annoying dark circles to vanish, you should consider this promising turmeric remedy. Turmeric is an important antioxidant with anti-inflammatory parcels which when adequately used softens the skin under your eye, advancing it a smooth look, thereby reducing dark circles. There are a lot of skincare home remedies with turmeric as the main component, and one similar remedy especially for reducing dark circles is fresh turmeric paste precisely blended with pineapple.


  • Fresh Turmeric Paste – 1 tbsp.
  • Pineapple Juice – 1 tbsp.

Note In case you don’t get fresh turmeric, you can use chemical-free turmeric grease paint, which is fluently available in shops.

How to Prepare?

Take an equal corridor of fresh turmeric paste and pineapple and precisely blend the constituents without any lumps.

How to Apply?

Take a small quantity of the admixture, gently apply on the dark circles and leave it for 15- 20 minutes until it dries. Using lukewarm water or cold water, wash your under-eye area completely. You may also choose to use cotton to remove the pack and also wash your face.

How frequently Should You Do This?

For effective results, you can use this remedy thrice a week.


Turmeric can turn your skin color unheroic. Use a mild cleaner to wash it completely.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda pop is a practical dark circle under eye remedy. With its anti-inflammatory parcels, it softens the skin and also enhances blood rotation, thereby lightening and reducing the darkness under the eyes. Baking soda pop as used in other remedies as a drawing agent also is used to cleanse the skin anywhere on the body, indeed in delicate areas like under the eyes or around the lips. It can remove dirt, and dead skin and lighten the skin color giving radiance to your under-eye point.


Baking soda 1 tablespoon.

Simulated green tea 1/ 2 mug.

Cotton pads

How to Prepare?

Prepare green tea using herbal infuses and filter the green tea result. Now, add one tablespoon of incinerating soda pop and mix it well. Also soak cotton pads for many seconds in the green tea and baking soda pop result. Squeeze out redundant water.

How to Apply?

Gently place the dab cotton pads over the eyes, icing that the affected under-eye areas are covered. Leave on for 10- 15 minutes and remove. Wash your under-eye areas with normal water by gently rotating your fritters around.

How frequently Should You Do This?

You can repeat this remedy every alternate day or thrice a week for quick and effective results. preventives. Baking soda pop occasionally may make your skin dry, so to avoid that and any possible itching due to blankness, apply some moisturizer after the remedy process to soothe the skin.

  1. Lemon Juice

The lemon juice is amended with Vitamin C and it also has bleaching parcels which in turn help to remove dark circles under your eyes easily and fluently. It also strengthens our vulnerable system and blood vessels in the eye zone. Lemon contains citric acid, which helps strain the skin and make the dark circles fade. A regular operation helps you lighten the skin tone and makes the skin appear fairer and shot farewell to your stubborn dark circles.


Lemon – Juice of a lemon.

Fresh tomato puree – 1 teaspoon.

Gram flour – Pinch.

Turmeric – Pinch.

How to Prepare?

Take a coliseum. Squeeze the juice of the lemon into the coliseum. Add tomato puree, which can be made fluently with the help of a blender. Now all you need to do is to mix all the given constituents well in a coliseum so that no lumps are formed and a thick paste is formed. Ensure that the pack is thick and not watery.

How to Apply?

Gently apply the thick paste around the eyes and allow it to dry or stay for 15 minutes.

Clean the face with lukewarm water and wipe with a soft kerchief. This miraculous factory is a rich source of vitamins E and C, and its operation does prodigies on the skin. It boosts collagen production and reduces saturation and makes it look healthy and smooth.

  1. Gulab Jal or Rose Water

This is one of the handiest and easy constituents available in every home or kitchen. Rosewater is produced using scrupulous brume-distillation of the fresh rose petals and it contains nutritional authorities and pure rose oil painting. It also acts as a tangy and unevenly tones the skin color.


Pure rose water.

Cotton pads.

How to Prepare?

In a coliseum pour some store-bought rose water or Gulab Jal. Soak the eye pads for five minutes.

How to Apply?

Place the rose water-soaked pads on the unrestricted eyelids and leave them there for about 10- 15 minutes and feel the cooling effect. Also remove the pad and wash the face with cold water.

How frequently Should You Do This?

Reprise this doubly diurnal and follow the same for 15 days to see the changes.

  1. Yogurt

You can gesture farewell to the uncomely dark circles with yogurt naturally. The probiotic and the lactic acid present in the yogurt act as a natural bleaching agent which in turn helps to minimize dark circles and lightens the skin tone. The lactic acid exfoliates the skin and removes the contaminations, bringing in a natural gleam and evenness to the skin.


Yogurt – 1 tablespoon.

Turmeric – a pinch.

How to Apply?

Make a paste of these 2 ingredients and apply it under the eyes and leave it to dry or for 20 minutes. Now wash with cold water.

How frequently Should You Do This?

Apply this four times a week for effective results.

Wrapping Up

In order to treat dark circles, you can also use a facial toner. By having the best facial toner by your side, you can easily get rid of your dark circles.

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