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How An HVAC Duct Wrap Insulation Works

Duct insulation wrap has been formed to save energy all over the life of an HVAC system. Duct insulation is installed to the outside of round metal or rectangular ducts. It gives a range of beneficial control condensation, thermal properties, and most importantly, reduces energy consumption when used. HVAC duct wrap insulation helps to save energy and increase comfort. It also controls moisture condensation and maintains the temperature of the air at preferred level.

How To Install:

Before starting with how duct wrap insulation performs, it is necessary to explain that it is formed using fiberglass. The wrap has a foil vapor preventive barrier that keeps the insulation on one side. Most rigid ducts used for cooling and heating form using metal; therefore, heat rapidly runs out of the vent when heating starts. And on the other side when cooling starts cooling conducts into the duct. As a result, the system travels from inefficiency, mostly proven when the energy bill comes at the end of the month. Due to this reason, it is necessary to install insulation because it saves energy.

Types of insulation do you use to wrap ductwork:

The best type which is utilized for insulation is fiberglass insulation. So, when starting insulation of HVAC ductwork, use foil-faced fiberglass insulation with an R-6 or higher R-value. Use the type of metallic foil duct tape suggested by the insulation former to hold and seal the insulation in place. It is necessary to make sure the foil surface of the insulation has no dust before applying the tape. Mold air duct cleaning in Cumming areas is helpful for cleaning services; it prevents air ducts from molds that can easily grow up in air ducts. 

What will you need for the process?   

You will need to prepare a few tools before you can start. Different things that you need are to take out a tape, measure your wrap of the duct, foil tape, utility knife, and a dust mask. Keep in mind to stay safe and wear a dust mask when working with insulation. It is most important because fiberglass fibers are most dangerous for the lungs and cause irritations. Dryer vent cleaning in cumming area helps clean your home safe, and the dryer performs work more efficiently. 

Once you have collected all your materials, you are ready to start the work.

Steps for duct wrap insulation:

1: Establish the perimeter:

First, it is necessary to measure both sides of your ductwork perfectly. Add the outcomes from the measurements to ready the perimeter, which is the total distance around the ductwork.

2: Clean your ducts:

Before starting, it is necessary to dry and clean your ducts. It is not required to wash them completely but be sure that they have been cleansed with a broom or clean with a damp cloth. It will ensure that the sealant-to-duct can easily bond and dry the surface.

3: Cut the insulation:

Perform your insulation on a flat surface, and you have calculated the distance in the initial step of the process. Just in case, it is best to add about five inches to the measurement to make an overlap and make sure you can tape it perfectly and permit for the thickness of the insulation. This process uses a utility knife and perfectly cuts the insulation and foil layer. Use a sharp blade to decrease the risk of shredding or ripping.

4: Tape the insulation:

Once you are completely cutting, tap the insulation blanket around the duct. It is best to start this process from one end where you have taped the insulation to the vent using foil tape and continue by pushing the other end tightly. In this process, you will see that you will be left with some extra inches of overlap. Tape it down and be sure it is perfectly attached to the insulation. Mold air duct cleaning Cumming helps in cleaning the HVAC system from dust and other particles and prevents it from molds. 

5: Repeat:

After you have completed it, repeat measuring and cutting the other piece of insulation. Stick this to the duct using the same process as the first insulation piece. The seam attached with tape around the whole duct were both parts of insulation combined. Repeat this method until you have noticed that the duct is completely wrapped.

Completely act on all this above process if you want a quality foil-faced wrap. You can also contact professional guidance and expert advice for the best insulation. 


Some benefits are given below:

1: Saves Energy:

There are fully unconditioned spaces in the basement, attic, and garage in most homes, such as, where it depends on the weather, the temperature is much higher or lower than the conditioned living space. Air ducts provide warm or cool air from the central conditioning unit to all the rooms present in your home. When these ducts transfer through unconditioned spaces, they lose most of the coolness or heat from the air they are having. The air that at the end reaches you is not as cool warm as you want because of the loss due to conduction. Air duct insulation can solve this issue that can cause wastage of a lot of energy.

2: Increases Comfort:

More than 20% of energy is wasted on the loss of coolness or heat through conduction in most homes, especially in older homes. Insulated air ducts can completely maintain the air temperature they are transferring, decreasing energy wastage. The air that at the end reaches you is closer to the temperature you want. So, this process makes your living space much more comfortable.

3: Beneficial to the Environment:

You can maintain a level of comfort at your home that you want by insulating your air ducts without wasting as much energy. It is most beneficial to the environment, and it mostly decreases your carbon footprint. It is necessary to remember that producing energy costs much more than the actual energy price. Other benefits include HVAC Duct Wrap Insulation Works: Prevents Condensation on Ducts, Reduces Transmitting Indoors, and Preventing the Formation of Mold and Fungus. Dryer vent cleaning cumming gives different services and prevents your HVAC system from blockage, which is harmful. It also helps in improving dryer performance and home safety.

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