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How Big Is My Mattress?

We sleep 1/3 of our lives. Nearly 1/6 of bedtime is spent watching TV or browsing online. Many will spend half their lives on their beds. That makes it unfortunate that most Americans are unhappy with their beds.

75% of respondents think their mattresses might be more comfortable, according to research.

Some sleepers wake up uncomfortable, drowsy, and irritated because they’re on the wrong size mattress.

Mattress size might affect sleep quality.

A good night’s sleep requires a bedtime ritual and the correct mattress size.

Does Mattress Size Matters?

No matter how much research you do to get the greatest mattress type and comfort level, a wrong-sized mattress will damage your sleep quality.

A mattress must fit all sleepers—kids, dogs, and you—and allow you to move about.

Small mattresses can cause partner bumps, tight body alignment, and even slipping off the bed.

That’s even more critical if you sleep with a roommate that takes up too much space.

One research indicated that 21% of married adults think their partner takes up too much bed space.

However, huge mattresses are difficult to move, may not fit through doorways, and reduce room space.

Thus, choosing a mattress might be tricky.

Popular Mattress Sizes

Most mattress sizes are listed below. You’ll also find some helpful mattress size advice.

Twin: 38.5”W x 74.5” (L)

Besides baby mattresses, twin mattresses are the smallest. Adults may find Twin and Full sizes too short at 75 inches.

It’s ideal for most kids and teens.

Twin XL: 38.5”W x 79.5” (L)

For small spaces, a Twin XL mattress may work. XL is longer yet still 38.5 inches wide.

College dorms have Twin XLs.

Adjustable-base California Kings are made from Twin XLs.

53.5″W x 74.5″ (L)

• Full-size mattresses are 53.5 inches broad, 15 inches wider than twins (single). Though larger than a Twin, each couple has just 27 inches of personal space. 

• Full mattresses are recommended for single sleepers under 5 feet 9 inches tall. Otherwise, they may be uncomfortably short. Nowadays, parents choose Fulls over Twins for teen bedrooms. For an extra room at bedtime, parents are buying whole mattresses for younger children.

• Queen mattresses are 6 inches larger and 5 inches longer than Full-size mattresses. 

• Couples will appreciate these extra inches. 47% of American people sleep on a Queen mattress, according to Statista. King follows at 19% and Full at 14%. However, couples sleeping in a Queen have 9 inches less room than in a Twin. Queen mattresses are suitable for guest rooms, smaller master bedrooms, and couples who want tight quarters. Single “sprawlers” should also consider it.

• A King mattress is 18 inches broader than a Queen.

 • With 38 inches of personal sleeping area, a King is perfect for couples. It’s especially excellent for Sunday mornings when kids may jump into bed or if your dogs have mattress rights!

Size is another issue. Even with a “split box spring” (two twin-size foundations), it may be too huge for some bedrooms or too cumbersome for some passageways, doorways, and stairwells.

• The “California King Mattress” is 4 inches smaller and 4 inches longer than a conventional King. It was popularised on the West Coast. California Kings require California King linens and mattress coverings. So acquire all the bed coverings for this thinner, longer mattress.

What Mattress Length Do You Need?

Mattresses should be 6 inches longer than the tallest individual.

Partners should be able to put their elbows behind their heads without touching them.

Your bedroom doorways, passageways, and stairways must suit your mattress.

Determine how many people (and dogs!) will be in bed and how much space they require.

66% of U.S. pet owners let their pets in bed.

If you are the bedtime reader with your children or sleep with your pets, a Full-size mattress may be more comfortable than squeezing onto a twin bed.

For My Height, What Size Bed?

  • Size selection is easy.
  • Add 6 inches to your height.
  • Choose the longest mattress.

To make things even easier, you may use the chart below to check which mattress works for you.

  • Twin (74.5” L) = Good for anyone under 5’9” 
  • Twin XL (79.5” L) = Good for anyone under 6’2” 
  • Full (74.5” L) = Good for 5’9” 
  • Queen (79.5” L) = Suitable for anyone under 6’2” 
  • King (79.5” L) = Good for anyone under 6’2” 
  • Cal King (83.5” L) = Good for anyone under 6’6”

That being said, you’ll also want to evaluate whether you’re sleeping with another individual. Your sleeping companion will have more space with a wider bed.

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