How can you choose the right drawer slide?

You might be surprised to know the number of times you open and close drawers in your life. So it is always important to choose the right drawers. There are many factors that influence the decision of choosing the right drawers and drawer slide. The drawers you mount should be convenient to use and slide. 

Mounting methods

It is important to choose the right mounting method to mount drawers. Metal drawers offer three types of mounting. Center mount, under-mount, and side-mount. If you are replacing the old drawers, you have to stick to the previous mounting method. However, if you are installing new drawers, you can choose the mounting method of your choice. Thanks to a lot of companies that give custom drawer slides to the customers. 

  • Side mount is the most versatile mounting a person can use. Side mount is used commonly in everything ranging from kitchen cabinets, toolbox cabinets, and utility cabinets. You can get side mount slides in epoxy version or ball-bearing version. The ball bearing version is smooth to use, and it offers full extension and better load capacities. Epoxy coated side mounts can give the self-closing option, and it becomes easy for a person to access the drawer while working.
  • Under-mount is a beneficial option that you can use. Under-mount drawers do not require more space for clearance, and they are better concealed. These drawers give a slightly larger storage area.
  • Center mount drawers are old fashioned drawers. However, these drawers are still in use. These drawers have limited storage capacity. You can use the mounting depending upon your choice and requirements. 


The extension is the distance that the drawer travels according to the side length of the drawer. There are three types of extensions that you can have. ¾ extension, full-extension, and over-travel extension.

The extension depends upon the mounting method that you use.

  • Full-extension means that the drawer comes out of the drawer box. This method gives more coverage to the drawers. You need to choose the right mounting and extension for them.
  • ¾ extension gives the most coverage to the users, and it is an economical option to choose from.
  • Over-extension makes the drawer get out the most, and it gives more clearance space.

Motion features

It is an important factor to check the available motion features. You can get self-close drawers. Soft-close and touch close drawers. Choosing the motion and closing features help to get the required drawers for you. 


Homeowners want the drawer slides to match with their furniture and hardware. Therefore, they can get a wide range of finishes for the drawers. Matching furnishes look good as they blend with the hardware. 

Side length

It is good to consider the side length of the drawers. The majority of the slides are available in a wide range of lengths with an increment of two inches. Every user wants to minimize the amount of dead space in the back of the cabinet. Therefore, checking the slide length of the drawers is quite necessary. It is good and necessary to choose the best and the most reliable drawer slide manufacturer to get the best drawer slides. 

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