How have Online Classes Helped Students of Top CBSE Schools in Pune?

After the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, students have to attend online classes for regularity in their educational curriculum. Most of us are counting the negative impact of online learning in this era. But online classes come with positive effects too that go unacknowledged by the parents. Online lessons in the top schools in pune Baner are perfect for introverted kids due to less distraction, paced learning, and many more. It also comes with many other advantages which your child cannot access in the regular offline classroom lessons. GIIS reveals different flexibilities of the typical online learning modes.

How are Online classes of the top CBSE schools in Pune helping the students?

If you are a parent whose child will take admission in the academic year of 2022-23. The kid inevitably has to attend online classes for some time. Thus you have the right to know how online learning will help your little one learn.

  Paced learning

It is one of the significant advantages of online classes as students can learn at their own pace to finish the syllabus.

In a regular classroom, whenever a teacher finishes a chapter, they assess the students through different measures, such as quizzes or surprise tests. It might sometimes not give enough time to have an in-depth subject understanding.

Due to the lesser test numbers in the online classes, students can take their time to comprehend their lessons instead of concentrating more on doing well in the tests.

Enhanced resources quality

Online classes have forced many top CBSE schools in Pune to accept a tech-friendly approach to teaching in these two years. It has compelled the students to get friendlier with the technology. The teachers of GIIS have tried to make online classes more fun by using engaging videos and graphics with textbooks to learn boring subjects.

Also, since you can record an online lesson, students can go back to it anytime while studying or when they might get stuck somewhere.

Mental health development by the schools in Baner

By now, you must have understood that mental health is equally important as physical health. In this lockdown, many students all over the globe are suffering from depression and anxiety. Our online classes also consider the mental health significance in the education sector by doing anti-anxiety and breathing exercises for a few minutes before the first class commencement, It will create a massive impact and clear your child’s mind before concentrating on their lessons.


Every child is different, so some kids fail to do better in a regular classroom with many children around them. Online classes have become the best refuge for those learners who can study without getting intimidated by the social presence of others. We make sure that our students can grab every opportunity for learning in the best environment-be it online or offline.

Fewer Distractions

While attending regular offline classes, your kid will meet their friends, indulge in various mischiefs, and get distracted from their lessons. It is the childhood innocence you cannot avoid in offline classes. But while attending the online lessons, your child will concentrate only on the class and nothing else. There will be no one present between your little one, computer or phone screen and their modules.

Final Verdict

GIIS has always proved itself to remain ahead of other schools in Baner by embracing the latest technological approach. Through online classes. Our teachers have always tried to create learning surroundings that will help the imaginative mind of the students to thrive.

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