How Long Does The HD Lace Wig Last

If you’re a wig novice, you must be baffled to hear about HD lace wigs. So what sets HD lace wig apart from the rest? Previously known as Swiss lace, the human hair HD lace wig is specially designed to look realistic with more see-through lace material. HD lace wigs are both trendy and functional, but will they withstand a good amount of time, or are they likely to need replacing after a few wears? Read along to learn everything there is to know about HD lace wigs:   

What is HD Lace Wigs Life Expectancy? 

If taken care of, an HD lace wig can last well over a year – provided you use a human hair lace front wig. Of course, the brand and material used to play a key role. For instance, though both are resilient fibers, a human hair HD lace wig will certainly last longer than a synthetic wig. Long answer short, the finest quality human hair wigs can last anywhere from eight months to a year. It’s vital to care for your wig properly if you want it to last a good amount of time and get the value for money! 

Factors Affecting The Life Of A HD Wig

Human hair HD lace wig for a better experience
Human hair HD lace wig for a better experience

Numerous factors ultimately affect the HD lace wigs’ lifespan. In general, how frequently you wear the HD lace wig and how they are cared for determines the longevity! Here are two major factors to consider:

#1. The Physical Attributes  

When it comes to purchasing the best wig, virgin human hair wigs have the longest lifespan. This is because they are free of chemicals and the cuticles are still intact. 

The lighter the HD wigs hair color, the more chemical processing is required. As a result, the lighter the hair, the more delicate the wig’s are. In 100% human hair wigs, the same goes for textured (wavy or curly) hair. On real hair wigs, the darkest, straightest the hair, the longer the wig will endure.  

#2. How Well They Are Cared For

It comes without a surprise, like anything else; the more you wear your human hair HD lace wig, the faster it will fall out. To put it simply, the more you wash and style it, and the more you wear a wig, the faster it will wear out. Most people who wear human hair lace front wigs will purchase many wigs in the same color and style or different colors and styles. By rotating the wear of each version on various days, you can help extend the life of each wig.  

So, how do you keep your HD lace wig in good shape? Will they hold up in the weather, and are HD lace wigs for you? Keep reading as we respond to these questions:  

How To Maintain an HD Lace Wig? 

Well-cared-for wigs last longer
Well-cared-for wigs last longer

As previously said, a fine set of human hair HD lace wigs can last a year or more. Taking the best care of your hairpiece will extend their life. We’ve detailed below how to properly care for your HD lace wig: 

First off, human hair wigs require all the tenderness, love, and care as you would to your natural hair. Keeping your wigs clean and free of dirt and product build-ups is pivotal to maintaining lace wigs. Avoid brushing your hair vigorously, and always detangle your hair before soaking it up. Properly storing your HD lace wig is also a surefire way to ensure longevity. Here are a few things to bear in mind when storing your wigs.  

  • Clean it before you put your wig away.
  • Start from the hair ends and work your way up with a wide-toothed comb to detangle.
  • Put your wig away from direct sunlight and away from heat.
  • Before putting your wig on a wig stand, make sure it’s nice and dry.
  • To reduce frizzing and tangling, braid your human hair lace front wig into one or two braids before putting it away.

Bottom Line 

Undoubtedly, wigs are a huge investment. While human hair HD lace wigs assure durability, there are several things you can do to extend the life of your wig. Talk about getting your money’s worth! We all know that wigs lose their natural gloss and shine with time, so establishing a good wig care routine is important to keep them looking natural for a longer period.
We’ve all been there, we see something that looks and feels amazing, but we wonder how much it costs and how long will it last? We hope that our blog about lace wigs has helped you to understand more about them and to know a little more about the prices and how long they last. We know that you will look good and feel great wearing your new lace wig, and we look forward to seeing your own wig selfies on social media!

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