How to organise group studies for IELTS examination

IELTS examination

For those who want to study abroad, clearing the IELTS examination with flying colours is a necessity. Without a good score in the IELTS examination, it is not possible to get admission in a good university. Every foreign university demands at least 6.5 to 7 bands as a minimum score to get admission in any course. Those who are getting beyond may not be considered. They either have to leave their dream of foreign studies or they may reappear for the IELTS examination again and work out their current score level. 

Well, clearing the language proficiency test is very important for the students. It is because they are supposed to study and complete their courses in the same languages. If they do not have proper understanding of the language then they may not be able to understand the professional course. If you do not understand the course content then you may not be able to do what you have come so far from home and country. So, it is quite important that the aspirant should clear the examination with flying colours and also proper understanding of the language. 

Knowing the language will give them the upperhand. They will be  able to communicate well with the natives as well as the other foreign students. Also, they will understand the course content completely and be able to work accordingly.So, it is better to learn the language properly and then appear for the IELTS examination and clear it. 

Question is how to clear the IELTS examination.

It may not sound very difficult, but it surely requires a deep understanding of the language. The IELTS format covers all the aspects that help in understanding the language. The examination is divided into four major sections including Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The Reading, Writing and Listening are conducted on a particular date followed by the Speaking in the form of a personal interview on the next day. The students have to clear these four parts of the examination successfully with at least 6 to 6.5 bands as per the requirements shared by the university or the college. Generally, the requirement ranges from 6.5 bands and above. The students should score the bands not only on the average basis but also in each and every section of the examination. 

So, it is important to prepare well for the examination. If a student is not serious about it, then they may not be able to clear it with the required marks. Hence, it is important that the students should appear for the examination seriously and work it out accordingly.


How to prepare for an ILETs examination

The best way to prepare for an examination is to prepare it through group studies. You and your other friends can get together and prepare for the examination together. 


Preparing with your friends will not only be informative but also more exciting than studying alone. So, here are few tips that will help you and your group to come together and have a fun study session-

The very first thing is to divide the syllabus. You and your friends first should divide up the total syllabus. For example, if you have one or two months for the examination then you may dedicate 10-15 days for every section. During these you can particularly start from the very beginning and then take it forward to the difficult level.

Where you gone wrong

  • Say if your group agrees to start with the writing section, then you may start with basic writing first and then slowly move to the difficult topics. Initially, the whole group can discuss what to write and how to write and then work through the practice session. You can also check each other’s work and point out the mistakes in it. This will also help to guide you where you have gone wrong and then  you correct your mistakes. 
  • Practising the sections thoroughly will help you and your friends to understand the meaning of the particular part of the examination and also once you have prepared for it, it will lend you confidence about the same. So, preparing a section with dedication will help you to understand as well as be sure of how to work through it. 
  • Also, the whole group can purchase different study essentials and share it with each other. There are different study essentials and study material available in the market or on the internet. The friends can contribute and buy it. This will help each other to use different materials and practice more and more. Again this will share exposure to different types of questions for everyone. 

So, studying in a group can be really beneficial and helpful. The students studying together can help each other in a better way.

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