Super Easy Car Tyre Maintenance Tips: How To Extract The Maximum Potential Of Your Car Tyres

One of the most important things about your cars is the tyres. Tyres are the essence of your vehicle and require to be maintained. It is crucial for you to understand that these tyres will need overall maintenance to keep your car performing well.

Apart from that, well-maintained tyres also help in improving your driving experience and add to safety. Although most people think that tyre maintenance takes a lot of effort, that is not necessarily the case.

Before you consider getting a set of Tyres Sturminster Newton or any other place, you should learn how to maintain them. Here are some simple ways of maintaining your tyre’s health:

Tyre’s Air Pressure: One of the most important things

Air pressure is crucial for your tyres. Without proper pressure in the tyre walls, your car can steer off control. Furthermore, maintaining tyre pressure can help you find better handling and stability.

Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres can lead to unstable driving and handling. In both of the cases, the chances of crashing and steering the road are very prominent.

Over-inflated tyres give you a bouncy drive. While under-inflated tyres consume more fuel. Also, in both cases, your car’s tyres will deteriorate exceptionally fast.

For better handling, better safety and efficient fuel consumption, maintaining tyre air pressure is important. You can check your car’s manual to know what is the sweet spot. Apart from that, make a small investment in a scale to read pressure.

Tyre balancing: Something we tend to forget

Tyre balancing, in the essence, refers to distributing weight around the circumference of the tyre. It helps in ensuring that your car’s tyres do not wear out unevenly. Additionally, it helps in eliminating uncomfortable vibrations while you drive.

If you’re driving your car, you should remember to get them balanced. Whether you have Continental Tyres Sturminster Newton or choose any other brand, car tyres need balancing after about five thousand to ten thousand kilometre range.

This obviously means that you will have to track the distance you travel. If you don’t drive your car for that long a distance, in a couple of years from tyre-fitting, get them balanced.

Make it a general rule to get your tyres balanced. Furthermore, if you’re purchasing new tyres, rotating them or repairing them, get them balanced. Also, if you hit a large pothole, have your tyre balance checked.

The telltale signs of imbalanced car tyres are unnatural vibrations, an increase in fuel consumption, issues with your car’s suspension and uneven wear on tyre’s treads.

Storing your tyres

For a number of reasons, you may have a variety of tyres in storage. You could switch between performance tyres, winter tyres, etc. It depends on your preference. In most cases, drivers in the UK have two sets of tyres for seasonal changes.

With that comes the responsibility of storing them properly. You will need to store your tyres away from weather conditions. Before you store them, remember to clean them properly. Remove the dirt and gravel from the treads.

Other things to keep in mind

When it comes to taking care of tyres, you should remember to incorporate the following in your routine:

  • Always make it a point to check your car’s tyres every few weeks. Visual checks help you gauge the condition.
  • Wash your tyres and tread grooves for better performance.
  • Be mindful of the vibrations you feel when you drive.

That said, remember to get professional help. If you feel that you’re not adept in knowledge when it comes to maintaining your tyres, get somebody to help you out. Learn about your set of Continental Tyres Sturminster Newton to make them last longer.

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