How to get high-quality hemp packaging with logo on it 6 easy tips

Finding the right packaging design for your hemp products is a critical task. For this, you have to spend your time, money, and efforts especially if you are in the initial phase of your business establishment. Even if you are launching a new product or refreshing your brand image, you need to take a survey of current market trends and all available possibilities to get the best out of it. Designing hemp boxes with logos is one of the most amazing ideas that give an attractive and professional look to your products. A logo can be anything like an image, text a particular icon, or anything which represents your brand well. There are plenty of ways to be creative while designing a logo. Let us have a look at 6 easy tips to get high-quality hemp packaging with a logo on it:

Choose the Best Material:

When it comes to designing top-notch hemp Packaging; the secret lies in the quality of the material. There are several choices including glass, metal, and plastic but paper packaging products have stood the test of time. They give an amazing display to your brand and make your products more appealing to the target audience. The material is available in different forms like cardstock, cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated. All of them are highly durable and strong enough to provide maximum protection to your hemp products. Above all, paper packaging boxes are known for their best printing capabilities. They support a variety of techniques and produce amazing results. Designing them with your brand’s logo, interactive font, images, and artistic artwork can give a unique identity to your hemp products. Thus the final outlook of your product entirely depends upon the packaging material you choose.

Include the right content on your Hemp packaging:

According to the rules stated by FDA, it is mandatory to include the right and authentic content on your hemp packaging. It’s the best way to build trust between your brand and the customers. Start with telling the audience that what exactly is present inside the package. You can use text as well as graphics to explain your hemp product. Other important details to be highlighted include production lot number, potency level. Ingredients along with their percentage proportion, the details of the manufacturing company, net weight of the package and directions to use, etc. You may also add qualifiers like organic, non-GMO, or CO2-extracted that reassure the customers of the nature of the product. While creating your custom hemp boxes, the most important thing to consider is that the information should be printed in clear and concise language. Logo plays an imperative role in describing to the customers that what your brand is all about and what value it might deliver to the customers. Be creative with the design of your logo to make it more recognizable in-crowd.

Keep it Simple:

Simple and minimalistic packaging designs are the most effective way to build a good connection between the customers and your business. It helps in building trust and makes customers believe that the product belongs to a well-reputed manufacturer. By using simple and elegant packaging, you can make it easy for the customers to comprehend the basic details easily even without opening the seal of the package. On the other hand, a complex design or a cluttered pattern makes it difficult for them to comprehend even the basic information.  Using a creative logo is the best way to create a simple look for your brand. When a logo is used on your custom printed hemp box, nothing else is needed to make it more adorable. It represents your brand well and ensures the genuineness of your hemp products. In addition, it is also recommended to use easy-to-read fonts and use plenty of white space so that everything looks clear. A few words with relevant graphics will help you in creating a simple and elegant packaging that stands out.

Interesting Customizations:

Another useful tip to design high-quality hemp boxes is to go for interesting customizations. In this highly competitive market, it is becoming more challenging to make your brand different from others. When a customer is in the search of a hemp product, he comes across several brands offering similar products. Here comes the point of differentiation i.e. hemp packaging. The use of innovative customization options can give good exposure to your business.  To make the right choice, you have to focus on the features that are attractive as well as make your package more functional. Some of the good choices include custom inserts, dividers, built-in handles, windows, or die-cut patterns.  Inserts are useful in enhancing the display of your hemp products and making them more protective. A handle makes your hemp package easy to carry, eliminating the need for secondary packaging. Transparency has been ruling the industry for decades. Designing the hemp boxes by using a window or a die-cut pattern excites the customers by providing a captivating display of the product inside.

Special Finishing:

Some top-notch brands have also started implementing special finishing effects to make their logo look more attractive. In addition to using traditional printing methods like digital and offset printing, you may go for embossing a logo or making it foil stamped to increase its appeal. The hemp boxes designed in this way can grab the customers’ attention in seconds. The logo is the most important part of your packaging design. It should be designed in a way to appeal to the maximum audience. Other interesting options include gloss/matte lamination, spot UV and aqueous coating, etc. Such add-ons will help in creating a distinct identity in the crowd.

Go for Sustainability:

Eco-friendly hemp boxes are no longer a trend; they are becoming the need of time. With the rising global waste and other environmental issues, the manufacturers, as well as the consumers, are shifting towards more sustainable ways of packaging their products. The use of cardboard packaging is making a good contribution in this regard. The material is recyclable, biodegradable, and generates no waste. Even if thrown in landfills, they can be biodegradable at an incredibly fast rate. Eco-friendly hemp packaging is a great way to show the customers how much you care to preserve nature. It also helps in creating more recognition for your brand.

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