How to Juggle Moving While Marketing and Starting a Business

You’ve finally decided to take the step into entrepreneurship, so now you need the optimal setup to increase your odds of success when launching a business. That may require moving to a new location for a better home office or closer access to conveniences and your ideal market. Use these tips from to manage relocating during the early stages of your startup.

Craft a Business Plan

A business plan lays a foundation for the first few years of your company — a period which can make or break you. You can find various templates online to meet your planning needs. The document helps you guide your company with a cohesive message that attracts investors and partners. Include a company description, mission and vision statements, business structure, financial forecasts, necessary funding, and how you’ll market and sell your services.

If you haven’t already filed to make your business official, now is the time. First, you’ll need to decide on a business structure. There are four common types that you’ll want to learn about to determine which is best for you, whether that’s an LLC, a corporation, a partnership, or sole proprietorship. Then, you can either file the paperwork yourself or hire a formation service to manage it for you.

Select the Right Location

Choosing the right home is stressful enough, but you have additional worries about ensuring it will function well as your company HQ. Sketch your ideal home setup and layout, then share the guidelines with a realtor to help you meet your requirements. Check to see what features and amenities are in the home, including a home office if you’re working from home. Note that some features are more popular than others, so you can afford to be picky if you plan to buy now and sell relatively soon.

Next, list your deal breakers. Outline priorities from most important to least, which helps you decide more quickly on where you can compromise. Consider a home convenient for clients and deliveries. Also, ensure you have a workspace with enough privacy, sufficient electrical outlets, and abundant lighting.

Assess if the space has enough room for you to expand. A garage or shed may be an optimal office, or you may want to build an ADU or pod on the property for a separate working area. Business expenses are tax deductible, so track all of the costs related to your company.

Work with various lenders through pre-qualification to estimate how much you can afford. Pre-qualifying doesn’t involve a formal request for funds, so you can go through the procedure as often as you wish without hard credit inquiries.

Spread the Word with Business Cards

Business cards are an extremely effective form of offline marketing. With business cards, you can easily promote your brand wherever you go and keep potential customers up-to-date with what you have to offer. Furthermore, handing out business cards doesn’t disrupt your schedule – you can always take some along with you when you’re going somewhere else or even if you’re moving house. This makes it easy to spread the message about your business without sacrificing any of your precious time resources.

When it comes to making business cards, online business card generators are the way to go. These generators make designing and customizing your business card design relatively easy, as you can create a unique look for your business cards with just a few clicks. With the many templates available, you can easily tweak the design until you are satisfied with the end result.

Hire Reliable Help

Assistance is indispensable during your move and your business launch. Connect with other entrepreneurs and freelancers to cover tasks when software isn’t enough. When money is tight, you may be able to work out a bartering agreement to trade products or services.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you can handle all of the details of the move alone. A moving service expedites packing and spares your back the heavy lifting. A sitter may be necessary to look after the children. A cleaning service can ensure you get a security deposit back or put your existing home quickly in condition for sale.

Plan, Move & Launch

Moving can give your new business the advantages it needs. By following a solid plan, you accomplish relocating and launching your new enterprise. Start with a list of “must haves” for both your new home and business, and work through the details in your business plan, including your new business’s structure. Then, look for tools to help you move and establish your business easier. With some planning, you can successfully make both happen at the same time.

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