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How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Are you thinking about adopting a dog or a cat? You could also be thinking about adopting a rabbit or any other pet of your choice.

Whatever pet you choose, you will want to prepare your house first. You will want to make your house pet-friendly before letting your new family member into the home.

Trust us – the simplest and safest way to prevent accidents from occurring is by integrating all the correct precautionary measures to curb the chances of accidents in the first place. Your pet will never intentionally cause trouble – the thing is that pets are curious creatures – they also happen to be opportunists.

So, as a homeowner, you will want to do your best to keep your pets out of trouble. For instance, you will want to keep all your valuables in safe storage – preferably outside the house.

Read on to learn more about other precautionary steps to provide your pets with a safe and friendly environment at home.

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Seal Potential Escape Routes

As mentioned before – pets are opportunists, and as a homeowner, you will want to prevent accidents by eliminating all potential opportunities. For instance, you will want to seal all potential escape routes, especially if you have to leave your pets alone at home.

You will want to ensure that you have closed all windows and doors before leaving. You will want to assess your potential gaps in the fence that could also serve as a gateway to escape. Double-check all possible escape routes before allowing a pet to live with you.

Keep Chemicals Locked Away

You will want to protect your pets from potential poisons too. The last thing that you will want for your pets to happen is to have them swallow something that will make them sick or worse. The potential danger of toxins and poisons doesn’t only lie inside the house but also outside the home.

You will want to ensure that your pets don’t access any food that isn’t originally intended for them. Moreover, you will want to prevent the chances of your pets swallowing objects that they aren’t supposed to, so it is your responsibility to store away items carefully.

For your jewelry items, you can also opt for a mini storage locker to keep your cash, jewelry, and other tiny items safe – not only from your pets but also from potential burglars.

Dispose of the Trash Carefully

The last thing you want to do is for your pets to explore the trash and eat something that might make them sick. What looks trash to you is nothing less than a treasure for them. Hence, you will want to take it upon yourself to dispose of the garbage carefully and securely so that your doggo cannot access it.

Always make sure to close the lid so they cannot reopen it after they see you leaving.

Apart from keeping the trash lid closed, you will also want to keep the toilet lid shut when you aren’t using it. Keep all cords and wires clocked from your pets.

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