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How to Make Your Property Winter Pest Proof?

How to Make Your Property Winter Pest Proof?

Winter is coming! And so is the season of lights and festivals. While you’re busy making arrangements for Christmas and New Year’s eve, do not forget to make your home pest-proof. Otherwise, winter pests will come hunting warmth and food in your home and make a dwelling there, causing grievance to you and your guests later on. And you will have no other option but to rely on pest control services.

Here are some important tips to make your home winter pest-proof:

Install safety screens.

Rodents, snakes, and other pests like creeping in through an open, unmanaged vent or even through the aperture in your chimney. To deter this, get solid, safe protection screens with holes too small for any wildlife to pass through, gather your tools, and install them in all conceivable crawlspaces.

Keep your lawn in good shape.

There’s nothing more straightforward than that. Because most pests are afraid of humans, they are unlikely to go around in the open, exposing themselves to harm. Pests love tall grass, untamed hedges, and vast piles of leaves, wood, and other debris as hiding and crawling spots. By keeping your hedges and garden maintained, you stop pests from approaching because they won’t have a place to hide.

Also, by doing this, you will be giving no reason to mosquitoes and other pests to hover around in your lawn. Since there will be no filth, they will have nothing to much on. Thus, they will be out and about looking for other dwellings to make their homes in.

Organize your attic and basement

Be sure to clean your attic and basement on a regular basis. These places are typically good camping sites for bugs since they are less utilized than the rest of the house, and pests, such as mice and rodents like living in isolated places. You may reduce the possibilities of a pest residing thereby cleaning both of these locations on a regular basis, making sure there are no edible leftovers, and possibly reducing the number of boxes or potential hiding spaces.

Also, make sure these places aren’t accessible for pests. If there are broken windows or other entry points, seal them right away.

Do not leave leftovers

Cleaning your kitchen on a regular basis and storing all meals and leftovers in sealed containers reduces the chance of cockroaches, rodents, and a variety of other home pests. Remember that all these creatures are searching for is food and a comfortable place to lay their heads. While there isn’t a lot you can do about the temperature in your home, keeping it clean will help keep bugs away.

If you leave leftovers on the table, it’s an open invitation for bugs to come and infest your property. Not only this, but they will bring their family members and friends along who will live rent-free in your property. The worst part is that they will contaminate the food, which you or someone else in your home may eat the next day. This way, these pests can become a source of an outbreak of a disease or an infection in your home.

Create a separate meal area for your pets

Pet food attracts a wide range of pests, mostly because many of us are lazy when it comes to cleaning up after our pets. Also because we’re often tempted to leave food out overnight in case our pet becomes hungry unexpectedly. This, however, attracts bugs. So, make sure there is no pet food left outside before you hit the bed. Also, you shouldn’t throw it out in the open. Set up a feeding area for your pets, and clean up any crumbs or leftovers found around the bowls and within the home.

Check for holes and cracks on a regular basis.

To get access to your house, most pests do not aggressively dig or eat through walls, there are some exceptions though. Instead, the vast majority rely on pre-existing holes and cracks, as well as other fantastic crawling areas, to locate warmth and food.

As a result, frequently inspecting your home for such cracks and manually repairing them is a useful first step towards pest-proofing it. Remember to inspect the foundations of the home for gaps that might invite snakes in, as well as the roof for flaws that could let invaders like squirrels into the attic. Visit for additional details.

There you go! We hope that these tips will help you make your property fully free from pests. If, however, things go out of control, consider hiring pest control langley bc services.

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