How to Turn Your Backyard from Drab to Fab

If there is one thing you can not put a price tag on, it is a killer backyard setup. But what if you are purchasing a home with a not-so-great backyard setup? Or an even more common scenario – what should you do if you rent a house, but would you like to add some fun details to make it feel like home? When planning your dream backyard, it is essential to make choices that will increase the property value, but at the same time, do not want to add anything that would be too high maintenance. The key to taking your backyard from drab to fab, regardless of whether your own or rent, is to find solutions you know you will enjoy but are not entirely permanent. Adding fun aspects such as door screen magnetic to bring the cooler air in, some functional seating options, and accessorizing with a few other outdoor options could bring you the backyard oasis you have always dreamt about. 

Let the Cool Air In, Not the Bugs

When the weather starts to cool off towards the start of fall, there is nothing better than opening the windows and letting the crisp fall air roll into your home. Even better is when the temperatures are perfect for backyard parties. So instead of having your guests open and close the door every time they need a refill, more food, or to use the restroom, why not just leave the door open? Based on where you live, many of us know the answer is bugs. But fear not, because there is a solution that will give you the best of both worlds – and that is a magnetic door screen. A door screen magnetic is an excellent choice for both homeowners and renters because installation is as easy as removal. The strong mesh doors are installed using black metal tacks which leave little to no damage but are strong enough to withstand nearly anything, including the hustle and bustle of a backyard party. The magical part of the door screen magnetic is the ability to walk through the screen hands-free and have the 26 strong magnets that line the middle seam snap closed behind you. The magnetic close is also priceless, especially when you add young children and animals into the mix. Fido and the kids can both come and go as they please, and you do not have to worry about the backdoor being left open for the mosquitos and flies to enter your home. The best part of a door screen magnet is that it can be used on several different types of doors – fixed, sliding, metal, or wood, just as long as the door is no larger than 38 inches wide and 82 inches tall. All of your guests will be in awe the first time they walk through the screen and have it close up behind them. Then regardless of whether you sell your home and move or your lease ends, untack the screen and take it with you knowing you can likely use it again at your next house to create another backyard oasis. 

Take a Seat and Prop Up Your Feet

Adding fun, funky seating outside is another popular way to bring your backyard to life. Whether that is with a hammock, rocking chairs, or a full outdoor sofa is up to you and what you enjoy doing most when outside. If you are an avid reader or enjoy soaking up some Vitamin D, purchasing a hammock may be the best option. Even if you do not have trees to attach your hammock, opt for a hammock with a wood base that sits on the ground. A rocking chair may be the best seating option for those who like to watch their animals or children play in the backyard. Rocking chairs can be very soothing and allow you to sit back and relax. If outdoor dining and entertaining are more your speed, an outdoor sofa may be more your speed. You can find cushions that match your outdoor theme, or just bring a pop of color! You will have ample seating for guests, making your backyard perfect for outdoor cookouts all season long. Regardless of what type of seating you choose, what matters the most is that you pick something that will allow you to transform your backyard into the ultimate oasis you have always pictured in your head. 

Never Forget to Accessorize

When planning out your glam backyard, it is crucial to consider the small things that could be easily overlooked. Take the time to pick out items such as string lights, plants, and other outdoor decor that will make you fall in love with the space and be so cozy that you never want to go inside. Small additions can make a huge difference in really reaching that wow factor. 

Transforming your backyard does not mean you have to make significant expensive changes. Adding a door screen magnetic, picking out your ideal seating, and finishing it off with a few fun accessories could be just what you need to bring your outdoor area to life. 

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