Important Graphic design tools for Graphic Designer

Needs of a graphic designer

There are actually hundreds of thousands of designers and design wannabes out there.

Somehow it seems like an amazing world you can wake up to every day and from my experience

I can say that it really is.

In the old days when I started as a young self-employed graphic design, the suffering was great!

Can you imagine how you should know illustration, completing offset printing projects,

HTML code and PHP from scratch and still have to deal with business management?

Fortunately, today there is a new network of products and services that make the life of a

graphic designer more enjoyable.

With so many tools at hand, what are the essential tools for graphic designers?

You are probably wondering how I came to the conclusion that drawing tools are important,

so let me be clear on that.

After 10 years of training, and moved on to the digital revolution we are currently experiencing,

believe me when I say coffee is no longer important because you do not need to stay up

late working on unnecessary tasks.

The point is, I have tried hundreds of different products and services throughout my career and I know which clear design tools are best for the brilliant creative work.

It is also important to be aware of what digital and virtual work looks like because that is where the ease of some of the processes comes from.

Other Key Design Design Tools

Books for graphic design and reference guidelines

If you do not have this book, you do not know what you are missing. In “How to Become a graphic designer, Without Losing Your Soul”,

Adrian Shaughnessy discusses the basics of professionalism, location and client management.

In this book you will also learn about the salary of a graphic designer, pricing your projects and many other tips for managing your work.

Apple iMac Computer

IMacs are popular not only because of their beauty but also because they act as a charm, and they are fast. Operating System OSX has useful built-in tools, is very accurate, and is very compatible with other applications.

Any Mac can run Windows also use Bootcamp, so that takes care of any compatibility issues. With a Mac you don’t have to worry about frequent viruses, unnecessary processing and flashing neon blue and orange LEDs all over your computer.

So if you have not already done so, add this to your main list now.

Software for graphic designers

Without a doubt, Adobe Creative Suite is a software package essential for graphic design agency, which you will not be able to use.

After you master the plans, they will help you create your magic on an empty canvas. From image editing, to photo editing, editing, pre-pressing , coding, video editing and much more, this package is your new best friend.

About apps that will make your life a lot easier (and consider this as an information bonus), which you should really get:

  • Dropbox for file sharing with clients and team work in the cloud
  • Google’s business apps for managing all your internal online communications such as emails and calendars
  • Asana for managing your work
  • Skype for all your external communications and reduced communication costs

Extraordinary Wacom Bamboo

If you are a designer, and you do not have one of these “designer tools”, then you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to do very unusual things.

Well it takes a while to get used to it, but I can assure you that once you get it, your editing time will be shortened, your accuracy to picture, editing, editing, creating, drawing, painting, designing, fine tuning etc will be greatly improved and complete.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and the right choice will depend only on what you use them for, but I recommend you start with a medium size Wacom Bamboo.

The little one is too small for anything, and the big one is very frustrating at first. So my advice is to start with the middle Wacom Bamboo and move up to the Wacom Intuos 5 later.

I also recommend using the Wacom brand because it is strong and accurate. The last thing you want is an inactive tablet tablet

Pantone color guides

Color is a definite pain in the butt case when it comes to image design. The worst thing that can happen to any designer is getting a printed color that is different from the one that appears on a computer screen.

This can be avoided if you use color correctly, and Pantone color guidelines are the best reference manuals for that purpose.

Action journals and illustrated books

Any designer should have a daily organization sketchbook, crazy collages, write down ideas, journal writing and much more. It is important to register ideas and be used as future guidelines.

I recommend Moleskines, as they are available in many sexy sizes and colors, leaving you with no excuse not to have one, or more than one.

Artfully designed website

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a website of your own.

addition to using social media platforms such as Behance, Flickr and Facebook, it is very important that you have a website where you can share projects and other proud rights.

It will help you to get projects from graphic design agency because they found some one for outsourcing projects.

Do not show customers your Facebook page as your main portfolio. That’s incredible! If you are an expert, get a good looking site. Why waste a new business opportunity with your low quality presentation?

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