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Instagram Ad Campaigns: 4 Tips for a Better Mobile Experience

The overall success of Instagram ads for your business depends on the quality of your photos and videos. Texts also matter. However, it is always better to use more visuals to grab more attention from your existing and potential customers. 

Instagram has long been one of the major players in the mobile advertising market. Now, this is especially true for all companies that do business online. Since 2021, the Instagram audience has grown greatly. The network has already become a valuable advertising resource for both customers and sellers.

The first thing you should do to make the best photos for your Instagram stories and ads is to use an Image Converter to transform your images from different formats. Keep on reading the post to get more expert tips on successful Instagram mobile ad campaigns. 


Top-4 tips for mobile ad campaigns on Instagram

More than 80% of users use Instagram to search for products or services. After that, people consult with friends and google the product they like. Simply placing ads for mobile devices on Instagram does not guarantee success. You need to use different strategies that help differentiate you from your competitors and bring in potential buyers. Let’s look at the main ones.

Think through every phrase in your ad campaign

When users scroll through their Instagram feed, they only see three lines of your ads. The rest of the text is hidden behind the ellipsis. The user will only have 1-2 seconds to pay attention to your post. Make your offers intriguing and engaging and capture the attention of your customers:

  • Make short sentences – 4-5 words maximum.
  • Write something unexpected, unusual, or shocking.
  • Add a call to action. 

You need to add the following CTA that can encourage users to take action rather than just passively scroll through the feed. These are Learn more, Contact us, Download now, Follow the link, Buy now, Get a free version, etc.


Use hashtags actively 

Marketers know how important it is to use tags on Instagram. The question arises about their maximum number. Find out which hashtags will benefit a particular ad post for Android and iOS devices. These points should be clarified before tagging every suitable word that comes to mind.

Hashtags are incredibly useful as they allow non-fans to find your posts. However, to attract the right customers, you need to learn how to select them correctly. Choose common hashtags but not too popular ones. Otherwise, your photo posts will get lost among the mass of similar photos. Learn more on how to use hashtags on Instagram as campaigns for a better mobile experience. According to analysts` research, the best number of hashtags for a single Instagram post should be between 6-9 tags.  

Use more video ads

Video advertising affects several channels of info perception of your potential buyers at the same time. It attracts more attention than regular texts and posts. You do not have to hire expensive operators and editors. You can do it yourself.

If your company is promoting more than one product in a single ad, create a slideshow video. This allows you to show more products in 10-15 seconds than in one photo. You can create such videos by yourself in a couple of clicks using free apps for mobile devices. You can also use boomerangs. These videos are first played in direct sequence and then – in reverse. You can record a boomerang directly on Instagram.


Advantages of video ads on Instagram to get a better mobile experience:

  • Help to achieve high engagement and clickability.
  • Ability to involve customers in long-term interaction.
  • Show more benefits of the service/product than a static image.
  • Allow getting the maximum audience coverage.

Go live regularly 

Run live streams for your customers on Instagram as often as possible. Set up a topic for discussion when you are going to launch a new product. Conduct expert broadcasts and review your products and services. This will help attract more new users and significantly increase the loyalty of existing ones. During live broadcasts on Instagram, users will be able to ask you questions and learn from you everything new about your products. 


The main advantage of such an advertising campaign is that your customers and you will be able to broadcast live from any place on the planet. Thus, it is one of the most convenient tools for promoting your products or services on Instagram.


When you know how to make successful mobile ad campaigns on Instagram, you can get both new customers and enhance your overall income. Now, you have four expert tips on this issue. They will allow you to make the most of your Instagram ads. If you have something to add, please share your opinion in the comments.

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