Is it possible to cheat a croupier in a casino? Three Popular Strategies That Never Work

In modern online casinos, many games have dealers. These are the hosts who are responsible for the gameplay, control the bets, and encourage the winners. Each player in one way or another is in contact with the croupier, who behaves the same as everyone. The task of a croupier in a casino is to motivate a person to bet literally with one glance and deft movements. The more players at the table, the more interesting and profitable the work of the croupier.

In addition to land-based casinos, there are also leaders in individual games of online clubs. Such a need arises in card entertainment and at the roulette table. The duties of the croupier, in addition to controlling the bank, include monitoring the actions of all participants in the game, and their compliance with the basic rules. The croupier in an online casino is a real person who plays the game remotely. He should look good, know the rules of the game thoroughly, and be loyal and impregnable. Candidates for the role of a croupier in an online casino are in high demand. The gambling industry is constantly evolving, and one person is not able to serve players around the clock. The croupiers are selected by providers according to strict rules. That is why games with them are so interesting, believable, and popular among users.

Mistakes of the croupier, or how to deceive the presenter?

Playing in an online casino is automated. The presence of the croupier is more of an auxiliary factor than the main one. In an ordinary gaming hall, when a player is in direct contact with the croupier, an inexperienced host can be talked into and outwitted. In online casinos, any fraud is excluded. You can find out which game is currently popular with a live dealer by check here the information.

In a virtual game, it is almost impossible to deceive a dealer, except for the factor of a technical failure. If this happens and the gambler illegally receives the winnings or the croupier did not control the payment made on time, etc., then the force majeure protocol is activated. In this case, the payment is simply canceled and the issue with the croupier is resolved through the administration of the casino.

In practice, there are no cases of croupier cheating in online casinos. This happened in ground halls, with a large flow of visitors, or because of the inexperience of the presenter. In an online casino, the croupier, along with the system, sees all the actions of the player and has the right to remind about the bet, its impossibility, or non-compliance with the rules.

Deception strategies

Cunning players try to find a strategy by which they will be able to deceive the croupier to win or withdraw more funds. These strategies are:

  • a bet on a “rare” number or card (it doesn’t depend on the leader which values ​​will win most often);
  • confuse with a large number of bets – in modern online casinos it is allowed to make at least the same type, at least different bets in one game session;
  • blame for losses.

None of these manipulations on the croupier works. He is only an intermediary between the online game and the players and does not influence the course of events and their results. Whatever the user does, it will not help him to discredit or deceive the croupier. In an online casino, the main support of the host is an automated game system, in which bets and all actions of players are recorded by default. So it is best to cooperate with the host, who controls the game, is in charge of the bank, and does not independently determine the winnings and winners in the game session.

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