Jira Software – Top Features, Pricing and User Reviews (2022)

Jira Software Pricing & Reviews

About Jira Project Management Tool  

Jira project management tool is a software program designed to help teams of all sizes manage their projects. Jira was intended to be a bug and problem tracker at first. However, the Jira tool has evolved into a capable work administration platform for various use cases, ranging from test case management to agile software development. 

Jira is a popular project management tool. It was developed by Atlassian, a web services company, as a platform for managing software development projects. Therefore, It has now expanded to include a broader range of applications. Jira uses a visual interface called Kanban, in which tasks are handled by rearranging index cards across categories on a digital corkboard. Jira Software is a software-only version, whereas Jira Core is a general project management option. 

Top Features of Jira Project Management Tool  

Scrum Boards  

Teams are focused on producing value-added work. Using the customization possibilities provided by the Jira management tool, they become more agile and expedite operations. The scrum board houses all team’s information in one convenient location. As a result, members of the group can communicate or work without delay. 

Roadmaps for Projects 

Jira creates a big visual image to help software development teams visualize the progress of their project. As a result, they can interact internally and keep stakeholders informed about their progress daily. These roadmaps are one of those features that justify the Jira cost.  

Despite working in different groups, users can plan and track their work. They can keep track of each ticket’s progress and see their version of the roadmap. In addition, this tool enables them to elaborate on the best and worst-case scenarios. 


Documentation teams can create several reports that give consumers real-time information on what to do next to maximize their sprint output. Jira reports can help with Scrum, Kanban, agile methodologies, and hybrid models by providing data on how to proceed. As a result, users can spot patterns and boost productivity for each model. During the Jira demo, you can see this feature in action. 


Automation involves repetitive chores, which frees up time and resources for teams to focus on higher-priority duties. With a few clicks, managers and users may implement automation rules. It does not need any code or programming. Across the project, the software can also set rules for related roles and activities. 

 Additional Benefits of Using Jira Project Management Tool 

According to Jira reviews, you can utilize Jira to develop project roadmaps and track the progress of each project. Thanks to the simple drag-and-drop interface, the team can handle every assignment and activity in detail. It is a multipurpose system that includes user stories, problem updates, sprint planning, and task sharing across departments. Furthermore, the platform interfaces with thousands of business tools to enable quick access to information about design, monitoring, productivity, and source code. Overall, Jira software pricing is well worth the cost-effective features. 

Jira management tool software development teams in keeping track of issues and projects. Agile teams can prioritize tasks, hold work-related discussions, and maintain complete visibility in all situations. In addition, it is compatible with a variety of operational approaches and frameworks. 

You may plan, track, and manage software development projects from a single interface, allowing teams to deploy higher-quality software faster. According to many Jira reviews, it will enable you to create, prioritize, and track the completion of tasks across different team members and provide a diverse set of integrations. You can also access data from thousands of business apps, ranging from design and monitoring tools to source code and productivity apps.  

Jira is also available as an Android and iOS app, allowing you to manage projects on the move. Furthermore, they provide monthly packages for exclusive users and online help in technical reps, documentation, and tutorial videos. 

 Jira Software Cost  

Customers can choose between on-premise and cloud implementation. Atlassian offers a seven-day free trial and does not ask for credit card information until the problem is resolved. 

Jira’s main software suite offers cloud-based choices for small and medium-sized enterprises (pricing starts at $7 per user per month). On the other hand, Jira’s server and data center options are likely to benefit larger enterprises due to their control. 

Jira – Deployment Options 

Jira offers two alternative hosting options. A cloud server and a Data Center that is self-hosted. 

Cloud Jira 

Jira Cloud costs $500 per month (or $0 if the free tier is used). Jira Cloud is a hosted internet solution that eliminates the need for organizations to maintain a server or protect their data. According to Jira reviews, it is relatively simple because users only need to log in to access the product. It also indicates that as new features are added to Jira, you can immediately add them to your account. 

Jira Cloud can also be accessed using Atlassian’s Jira Cloud mobile app, a fantastic option for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Jira Data Center  

Data Center is only available to enterprises, with annual subscriptions starting at 500 users. However, this solution includes essential enterprise-level features, including SAML 2.0, disaster recovery, project archiving, and AWS compatibility. In addition, Jira Data Center is exclusively available to Jira Software users, not Jira Core, more generic project management software. So, Jira Data Center has an annual cost of $42,000. 

Jira Reviews 


  • Jira provides data security and comprehensive controls for managing rights and access.  
  • It encrypts data while it is in transit and at rest. As a result, users can design workflows unique to their work style. 


  • The software has a learning curve. As a result, users may find it challenging to navigate at first. 


Jira offers various features worth the Jira pricing. The robust software assists teams in implementing agile product planning, tracking, and deployment methods. . 

You can learn more about the Jira project management tool by scheduling a Jira demo. The demo helps you make a better decision after assessing the software in real-time. In addition, you can read Jira reviews to gain more insight into Jira’s pros and cons.  

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