Know Unique Ideas to Modify Your Custom Soap Boxes

Custom Soap Boxes

Soaps are the staple product in our daily routine. After the arrival of coronavirus, the soap sales have touched the heights of the market. According to research, the global soap market size was USD 34.09 billion and now it is estimated that the soap sales will reach about USD 55 billion by 2027, which is a huge annual turnover. As the rapid demand of the soaps, custom soap boxes are also sold in a great number.

You have to come up worth some new ideas to catch the maximum attention on the shelves. For this purpose, you have to brainstorm with your team. If you want to know some unique ideas regarding modifying your soap boxes then read below:

Soap Boxes with printed Card Layout

You can utilize this unique idea to showcase your soap box on the shelves. Go for adding a complete card with the specifications of “To”: and “From:” on the box. Like, go for inserting this information at the front side of the soap box.

For instance, at top of the front side place the logo, then add the tagline of your brand. After specifying the tagline now add the soap range name such as “shiny star” and add a beautiful bow imprint below this range name. And below the bow imprint add the specification of “to” and “from” and leave it blank.

This packaging will look so beautiful that people will straightway buy your soap for gifting purposes. And they don’t have to get a separate gifting card for this as you are offering a card printed on the box.

Spot UV Soap Boxes

The spot UV is the addition of the UV coating which looks amazing and you can utilize this feature to highlight your logo from a great distance. Go for highlighting the shape of your soap major ingredient through this feature or if you are offering your client some attractive shape soap bars, you can also highlight that shape on the front side of the box.

For instance, if you are introducing the range of crystal soap bars then add the crystal shape image on the soap box packaging with the help of spot UV.

What else you can add? You can add the caption on this box, like write “Blissful Aura Soap Bar” and below it add the major ingredient of it for example you can write “ Amethyst Crystal Extract”. And don’t forget to mention the product requirements in grams or milliliters.

Festive Soap Boxes

The festive soap boxes seem to be amazing and alluring. If you want to enhance the image of your brand quickly then take the advantage of festivals. You can offer different soap in various boxes for Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.

For designing the festive soap bar for Christmas, you have to focus on the soap bar and as well as the custom soap box.

So, for the soap bar select the red color of the soap and emboss any good component regarding the Christmas on the soap bar. Moreover, for the box design, you can think of a theme.

For instance, you can choose red, white, and pastel green color themes for the packaging. Select a cardstock material box and choose the style of the box. Go for the sleeve box style. Then add an enticing artwork on top of the box. You can design a red bold line circle at the middle of the box and add a “Festive Wonder Land” text within that circle and design geometrical artwork at the surrounding of that circle.

The “wonderland” will signify the name of your festive range. You can decide any theme according to your choice.

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