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Fashion is not the only thing which matters in today’s era. Same goes for one’s looks. One needs to look awesome, always in order to grab the attention of people all around. Looking trendy and stylish is not only about dressing-up right, it is about taking care of yourself as well. This can be achieved easily with the help of certain applications. One such app is bitClout. This app lets you perfectly maintain your wardrobe and look awesome all the time. Thanks to this wonderful app, now one can find the best suited outfits or accessories, for themselves, in a moment. look bitclout 1b newyorker

BitClout is a relatively young, but a potentially revolutionary, application. It mainly promotes itself as a platform for social engagement and rewards its users with BitCoins, but that in itself isn’t the full picture. BitClout allows its users to create customized pages that contain images, videos, and text. These pages can be used as profiles or as stand-alone pages, and it’s up to the users to decide how to use them.

BitClout, the decentralized social media network, uses a new ranking algorithm to keep users safe from trolls, bots, and other bad actors. It rewards content based on the attention it receives. Unlike most social media platforms, there is no centralization, so users don’t need to worry about their information getting sold, stolen, or abused.

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