Playing Colors with Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Your Custom Packaging must have that wow factor, regardless of it being simple, unique or fancy. Because this packaging has to appeal to a huge number of people. You need to think of things this way. You are putting your products beside a sea of products with similar attributes. Your teeny tiny product sitting next to this massive product sea needs to have a sound impression. It has to be super exciting and amazing. This is how the packaging can view the customer’s attention. When you want your products to be a standout, you need to focus on your packaging and design in every way. It’s essential that you do. Because there is a thing called super busy and then something exceedingly dull. Finding a balance between the two is highly essential and important.

Custom Packaging to Help Achieve Goals

Brands can definitely achieve a lot through their packaging, all with the help of unique shapes, designs and styles. But then again, if you really want the Custom Packaging to shine, you need to make sure you are using the right colors for the right purpose. Because when you do, your packaging will have the potential of eliciting the right feelings and emotions.

The Psychology of Colors

The other exciting way the brands can make their packaging ‘pop’ would be by the use of a blend or variation of exciting, attractive or appealing color patterns. However, before you go into the whole process, there are some things that you must consider to base this selection on:

You need to think of the customer mindset. For instance, the age group you are trying to appeal to, which gender you want to attract and the demography. If you are selling something, for say, targeted at all age groups, you must make sure the colors you are including will be something that are not going to bore the young minds or offend any elderly.

The message that you want to send out to your customers must be clear through your design. At the same time, you need to ensure the color that you have selected is perfectly portraying the end goal of the product in an ideal manner. Which is, of course, the customers need to buy the item. In other words, what you as a brand want your customers to do when they have a look at the options or product.

The boxes that you design and customize must be full of appeal and attention. But that is not all these are supposed to do. The colors used on the packaging and the design itself needs to be able to play with emotions, feelings, and deepest desires of the buyers. But this needs to be done in quite a tasteful manner. When the customers look at the packaging, they want to simply purchase the product. This is what they are supposed to feel.

The Things Colors Can Do

Now you are fully aware of what colors are supposed to be doing. With that, now we are going to have a breakdown of the things certain colors can do.

  • White is such an honest color, it reflects nothing but innocence, purity and equality. When brands are trying to use this color in their Custom Packaging design, they are trying to reflect chic and class, yet in the simplest manner.
  • Black is a reflection of mystery, authority and power. When you are trying to show any of these through your packaging, you need to use the color black. In fact, those businesses that are using black are giving this strong power and authority over all other competition brands out there.
  • Let’s go for red color when the goal is to evoke some thrill, excitement and fun along with stimulation in the customers.
  • When you want your packaging to be a definitely of balance, harmony and calmness, green would be the perfect choice for that. It reflects nature too. So if you have a product based on nature, you HAVE to use the color green in the packaging.
  • Orange is yet another color that can evoke adventure, fun and excitement in the buyers. When you wish for the customers to feel adventurous, you need to try out this color.
  • You should select blue in your packaging if you want to make the customers feel secure, safe and protected. But keep in mind, blue should not be restricted to men only. It is a color that can be used for both men and women. In fact, it is one of those colors that is going to appeal to a huge number of people globally.

Unique Play on Colors with Pre Roll Packaging

Keep in mind to create the kind of customized Pre Roll Packaging options that have a play on colors in the most tasteful manner. That is, if you are really wishing to appeal to the world, especially your demography. Keep in mind this a very important factor to consider while designing the packaging. Because that is how you can make your customers feel attracted to your items and make them purchase these.

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