Renting a luxury car in Dubai

We know that living a luxurious life can be tiring. Imagine this, you go every month to review your properties in Dubai and traveling in your Mercedes Benz S-Class can become boring. It can even make you feel that you are traveling in a “normal” car. Surely that goes through the heads of Arab millionaires, but for most mortals, like us. Fortunately or unfortunately it has not become a problem to feel overwhelmed by driving an S-Class.

However, if you have the opportunity to travel to Dubai, which should already be quite an experience, your trip can be complemented with an experience by renting a sports or luxury car, or both together, for example, on the Lamborghini rental dubai site, Renting a Bentley GT can cost 2,600 dirhams.

But if it is your first time in Dubai and you want to rent a high-end car to explore all the corners of the city. You should take these tips into account so that your experience when renting a car at Dubai airport is positive. Beyond being familiar with the driving rules and general policies on car rental in the United Arab Emirates. Let’s take a look at these top tips to help you when hiring a car at Dubai airport to get the most out of it. Get the most out of your holidays in Dubai .

For a long time, Dubai was a city built for cars. The city’s love for cars and the subsidized fuel prices enabled everyone to own their own personal vehicles. The public transportation systems in Dubai that we see today is a fairly recent undertaking, roughly a decade old. The RTA have built a public transport network that rivals some of the best in the world. The buses are efficient, the metro is modern, the cabs are everywhere(in a good way) while the water taxis are an experience of their own.

Luxury Car Rental Prices

But no, why rent a Bentley, when for 6,500 dirhams you can take a Rolls Royce Dawn for a day ? It has a price, in our currency and per day, of $ 33,092 pesos. Almost two thousand pesos less than the price of a MacBook Pro with 256 GB of storage.

Of course there are less expensive options, we go options for less wealthy people where with an Audi A3 you will feel as if you were renting a Nissan Versa. The German model has a price per day of 350 dirhams, equivalent to $ 1,782 pesos. For example, which on the HERTZ site is today at $ 2,077 pesos, so it sounds even a better option do it in Dubai.

The demand for car rentals around the world, despite the effects of the pandemic caused by CoVID-19 on global tourism. Remains very high in some areas of the world such as the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, in particular. This increase in the demand for rental cars in Dubai, especially high-end rental cars, has caused more and more car rental companies to have their focus in this area of ​​the planet and are investing in improving fleets of rental vehicles, as well as the number of rental vehicles available.

The reasons for this increase in the demand for rental cars in Dubai ? On the one hand, there are more and more people, especially locals. Who want to try new models of high-end cars and choose to rent a car in Dubai. 

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