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Sammy EHR Vs. Praxis Medical Software – Which is more Beneficial for Your Practice?

What are the benefits of software in healthcare? Health management is made more accessible, and the risk of drug errors is reduced thanks to healthcare software solutions. These technological developments improve patient care while assisting in health administration and operations. If you’re considering purchasing one for your practice, allow us to help you by providing a detailed comparison of Sammy EHR Vs. Praxis medical software. Therefore, let’s probe further.  

What is Sammy EHR  

Sammy EHR software offers digital health records, practice management, healthcare billing services, and client engagement solutions for small to medium-sized clinics in the US. It provides a straightforward interface that prevents users from switching between many screens and has robust functionality.  

In the clinical part, providers can collect patient data, archive photos, analyze prior diagnoses, and provide medication. Providers can import X-rays, MRI scans, ultrasound scans, photos, and other images into each client’s chart. You can keep track of who accesses, deletes, or modifies data in your EHR software using an audit trail feature incorporated into the system.  

The software automatically updates patients’ demographic information and enables clinicians to easily repeat introductory notes with a single click. Clients can visualize lab results and access data about their consultations timetabled with the health information and other related details through Sammy EHR’s patient portal.   

Features of Sammy EHR Software  

Sammy EHR makes practicing medicine simple and offers several useful features. For instance, saving health records, information, or photographs that you can quickly integrate or export into charts makes it simple. In addition, through Sammy EHR’s patient portal, clients can view lab results, get information about their scheduled consultations with health information, and access other associated facts.  

  • EMR/EHR  
  • e-Prescribing  
  • Patient Portal  
  • Compliance Tracking  
  • Practice Management Software  
  • Patient Demographics  
  • Appointment Scheduling  
  • Compliance Tracking  
  • E-Prescribing  
  • Meaningful Use Certified  
  • ONC-ATCB Certified  
  • Voice Recognition  
  • Mobile App  
  • Appointment Reminders  
  • Medical Billing Service  

How Does Workflow Get Better with Sammy EHR?  

The software allows clinicians to quickly repeat past notes and update patient demographic data. A patient portal is also included with Sammy EHR so patients may check lab results, get information about their booked visits with the medical history, and access other pertinent data. Patients can also request an appointment and complete intake documents using this safe patient portal.  

Medical staff can rapidly ascertain a patient’s insurance eligibility using the healthcare billing part of Sammy EHR Software. Additionally, it informs customers of any claim’s inaccuracies, reducing the likelihood of denial. With only one click, the program allows clinicians to repeat patient introductions swiftly and automatically update patient demographic information. Additionally, it is simple for medical professionals to upload MRIs, x-rays, ultrasounds, photos, etc., to specific patient charts. Sammy Systems EHR allows doctors to record data, store images rapidly, and review previous diagnoses.  

Additionally, Sammy EHR software helps users quickly determine a client’s insurance eligibility. Furthermore, since it alerts consumers to any problems in the claims, the likelihood of a claim being denied or a mistake occurring is relatively low.  

Sammy EHR software lets practitioners repeat a message with only one click and change patient data and records. Along with its other features, the EHR includes a patient portal that enables communication between patients and physicians. This portal allows patients to share information, message physicians, and receive and view test results. Additionally, they may complete and reserve appointment requests. Finally, they could use the EHR to obtain their e-prescriptions online.  

Praxis EMR Not just an EHR. A Medical Tool  

Praxis EMR is more than just an electronic records system. Praxis uses artificial intelligence called Concept Processing, which learns from you instead of inflexible and clumsy templates. As a result, Praxis EMR is the only EHR that enables more intelligent and higher-quality medical care.  

The highly adaptable Praxis EMR software enables doctors to customize the template-free platform to their particular practices’ needs. Its artificial intelligence technology feature, which learns how you run your practice and makes it simpler to fall back on order sets and predesigned care plans for quicker point-of-care charting, will accelerate clinical workflow. The Electronic Medical Records system presents everything in the doctor’s words and the way they prefer.  

Reasons to convert to Praxis EMR  

To make reporting for MACRA, PQRS, and other quality reporting programs simpler, Praxis EMR just released DATUM+. The first performance year is scheduled to begin in 2017. Therefore, Praxis is giving its clients the tools they need to comply with the new rule without switching EMR vendors.  

All patient data may be kept on one platform thanks to the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software’s comprehensive integration with labs, pharmacies, and diagnostic tools. For pediatrics, cardiology, family medicine, internal medicine, and urgent care, it also provides specialty-specific EMR. In addition, through the integration of clinical practice’s administrative facets, its PM solution ensures effective workflow from the front desk to the back office.   

The majority of Praxis EMR users finish their notes in under 45 seconds. Praxis moves so quickly. Even “smart” templates have you click and swipe on pre-set windows, which makes you move more slowly. Praxis doesn’t utilize templates; instead, it thinks as you do, and as you use it, it gets faster and wiser.  

Praxis constantly improves your method of practicing medicine. You receive customized charts with essential precision. No matter how many patients you’ve seen or hours you’ve worked, maintain your standard of excellence. Praxis enhances medical quality and helps you become a better doctor, unlike any other system.  

Praxis improves the more you use it. It’s that simple to use Praxis; you edit your writing. You receive the knowledge you require in your own words precisely when you need it. Praxis is the only EHR that is as simple and clear to use.  

By filling out this brief form, you can view a free EMR demo presentation of Praxis Electronic Medical Records. This will give you a clearer idea of the features Praxis offers.  

Sammy EHR pricing vs. Praxis EHR pricing  

Sammy EHR is a cost-effective choice that falls in the middle of the pack. Each participant of the solution pays $359 every month. According to reviews, you get the maximum use out of every piece of software in this price category, exceptionally specialized podiatry software. You can arrange a Sammy EHR demo to learn about pricing options. On the other hand, Praxis EMR starts at $259.00 a month for each user. To find out more about the price options, you can arrange a Praxis EMR demonstration.  

How do they differ from each other?

Sammy HER Vs. Praxis EMR   

Sammy EHR is an electronic health record (EHR) software option offering a one-stop shop for all your medical needs. With features suited to their requirements, it is intended for patient and medical suppliers’ use. On the other hand, Praxis is a digital health record system that is cloud-based and accelerates the process of writing orders and treatment plans. In addition, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for healthcare combines with other procedures to offer a complete end-to-end solution for managing the client journey. The primary distinction between the two EMRs is that Praxis focuses on the workflows of healthcare providers, whereas Sammy EMR focuses on clients’ and healthcare providers’ workflows.   

Which software to go with?

Sammy EHR or Praxis EMR   

Sammy EHR and Praxis are two of the best products available. They have many qualities and skills that make them good choices for different medical specializations. Before making a final selection, we strongly advise that you try product demos and compare Praxis EMR with Sammy EHR. 

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