How to Tweeze Chain Hairs Correctly with Slant Tweezers

Slant Tweezers

Whether you have a few or loads of hair on your chin, plucking is a vexatious task. You must do plucking right to get rid of stray hairs using slant tweezers with the minimum pain. It won’t take more than a little skill to pluck chin hairs correctly. Slanted tweezers are multipurpose that you can also use for eyelid sticker applications, eyebrow shaping, general tweezing, and precision work. However, the specific purpose of these tweezers is to remove unwanted facial hairs, chin hairs; in our case. We shall share the essential tips with you to help you tweeze chin hairs successfully.

Tips to Remove Chain Hairs Correctly

Here are our tips:

Purchase the Proper Tweezers:

It’s crucial to buy a good pair of tweezers to pluck hairs comfortably with precision. We suggest you buy stainless steel tweezers that the professionals also recommend for plucking. Make sure you have a good grip to hold your tweezers; otherwise, tweezing will take a lot of time. Poor quality tweezers will break the hair above or below the skin’s surface rather than removing it from the root. Additionally, tweezing hairs with ineffective tweezers will cause the hair to pop up in days instead of weeks. You will want to see the best results with tweezing; hence, you must invest in a good pair of tweezers. No material can beat stainless steel when it comes to tweezing chin hairs, so purchase stainless steel tweezers for it.

Get Your Skin Ready:

Preparing your skin for the process will make the process more comfortable to tweeze effectively. Begin the process by washing your chin with warm water. You should ensure your skin is clean and looks nice; otherwise, you can catch acne that you won’t like. Washing the chin with warm water will also provide relief to your skin so that you can remove hairs easily. If you haven’t exfoliated recently, it’s time to do it and avoid dead skin cells building up around the hair. Wipe off your face and pat it dry to get rid of any moisture.

Tweeze Hairs Using the Proper Technique:

Now, it’s time to tweeze the chin hair. Make sure you have good lighting to pluck chin hairs with precision. Stand in front of the mirror with good lighting and grip skin taut using your free hand. If you do it, it will ensure less tugging and minimum pain. Grasp onto hair that is as close as you near the skin. Then, remove it with slant tweezers in the direction of hair growth. You may still worry about the pain that tweezing can cause. In that case, apply a numbing spray to a cotton swab to implement into that area. Remain careful while doing that because you won’t prefer to desensitize yourself and go to extremes.

Begin plucking with the thick and dark hair first and notice the result. It will very likely do the job well and evade digging tweezers into the skin for grabbing short hairs. If you don’t avoid digging tweezers into the skin, you can end up injuring and making the skin scab up. You can wait for a few days to grab and remove short hairs from the chin once they grow out.

Go after the Finer Hairs Last:

Finer hairs may bother you identical to thick hairs. You can remove them the same way you get rid of thicker hairs from the chin. Moreover, you can have a hard time seeing fine hairs on your chin. Nevertheless, you can get rid of finer hairs once you can see them with clarity. Apply some baby powder to the area because it will let you see the finer hairs more noticeably. Keep the place you’re plucking hairs from clean while dusting off any hair with a towel. Lastly, soothe the skin. Once you finish and your skin turns red or irritated, apply an aloe-based lotion or gel using a cotton square.

That’s all, and you have done the job and removed obnoxious chin hairs correctly that were present on your chin. Tweezing takes time, yet it gets rid of unwanted hairs for 6 weeks when done the right way.


Whether you have a few or a lot of hair on your chin, tweezing chin hairs is obnoxious. Tweezing is also a cheap yet effective method to remove unwanted facial hairs. Following the tips mentioned below, you can remove unwanted chin hairs successfully with precision and minimum pain:

  • Invest in a good pair of slant tweezers.
  • Make sure you have your skin ready for plucking.
  • Tweeze hairs from the chin with a proper technique.
  • Finally, get rid of finer hairs the same way you remove thicker hairs.

Tweezing is a time-consuming method to remove unwanted facial hairs. Nevertheless, you can keep unwanted facial hairs to grow again for 6 weeks if you tweeze the right way.

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