Something Smells Good!: Reasons to Get Scented Candles This Summer

Smells are powerful. They induce nostalgia, improve moods, and enable psychological well-being. As the world slowly embraces remote and hybrid work modes, employees have redefined their spatial awareness. You will find candles in most homes. However, in this era of LED bulbs and fairy lights, candles have evolved from utilitarian to aesthetic, therapeutic objects. You won’t find someone lighting the best summer scented candles simply because they need illumination to pore over some ancient manuscript or risqué romance novel they snuck out of the library. 

If you’re a scented candle enthusiast, a first-time buyer, or even a sceptic, this post will enlighten you on the benefits of these good-looking, sweet-smelling chunks of wax.

#1 Rein in the Australian Christmas Spirit

Hop on social media, and you’ll hear at least two or three stories soundtracked by Michael Bublé’s ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.’ Candles are an indispensable part of Christmas decor. During Advent, some Christian denominations light four candles over successive Sundays to represent and promote hope, faith, joy, and peace. However, you can deck the halls even if you’re not religious. Browse some Pinterest boards, and you’ll notice that no Christmas setup is complete without a candle or two. As Australian Christmases are characterised by sunshine rather than snowflakes, the best summer scented candles will elevate the seasonal mood. If you’re quick and lucky, some websites offer free shipping on orders above a certain price. Watch out for the timeframe for pre-Christmas delivery, too.

#2 Spread Holiday Cheer at Work

Notebooks and pens have been done to death. Have you ever thought about scarred candles when brainstorming corporate Christmas gifts? The best way to say, ‘May your days be merry and bright’ is with a pack of candles. It’s that time of the year to spread warm fuzzy feelings. Nothing beats the sight of faces lighting up and smiles glowing when they open their gift hampers. You’ll likely require a minimum of 100 units to be eligible for bulk corporate deals. You could give each employee a candle bundle with three different scents to ensure variety. For example, lychee, guava, and coconut. Because Christmas is the season of giving, some stores give you freebies on orders over $100. Watch out for these offers before you place your orders.

#3 Good for You, Good for Mama Earth

The candles are made of wax, the wicks are made of braided cotton, the containers are made of glass, and the packaging is cardboard, the whole product is natural and biodegradable. If you get a soy wax candle, you can expect it to burn longer than a paraffin wax candle. The best summer scented candles do not release toxins and pollutants (like soot) into the air. Further, the emissions do not contain carcinogens or trigger allergies. When you dispose of them, you won’t have a dark cloud of guilt looming over your head because they are natural and renewable energy sources. Love and respect are the best gifts you can give Mother Earth this Christmas. Buying local, the natural decor is one way you do it.

Light Up the World: Wrapping Up

So there, you have three reasons to experiment with and enjoy fragrant candles this summer. You might graduate from a sceptical one-time buyer to a loyal customer and scented candle evangelist with a monthly mystery box subscription. Head online and order from the best Australian sellers.

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