Thinking For Other People Is The Real Face Of Life

Life is getting too busy and people are too busy with their work and life cycle. No one is worrying and thinking about the other people who are below their levels. Because nature makes different levels in humans, some are rich and some are poor. Some are healthy and some have different kinds of health issues.

There are different kinds of levels in humans which create balance between life and the world. Some have homes and some are waiting for it and struggling for it. In actuality the world capitalization system creates this problem otherwise all humans were equal. Thinking about others makes things different.

Nature is fair to us. It gives us all the things that are equal in life: the air, water and weather. But we humans make different kinds of boundaries and gaps in the people. This setting made by humans changing things very differently, the world now becoming a different place.

Many people don’t understand and treat other people as humans and as equal species. They are considering other lower grade people in terms of economical growth as animals. we even don’t like them; they approach them in any matter. No matter if they are sick or on the death bed, they don’t want to look at them.

Time makes humans the new selfish animals and pushes them as machines. The care and the sensitivity are no more assets for the humans. Today’s humans are only worried for their personal life and not thinking for others. But in that kind of rush many people still exist, who do care for others.

They are doing the following things for the other people to get inside happiness. As now in the world, the inside feeling is not easily available for all due to the changing environment. The correct and right time feelings create a big push for others to care.

1. Thinking and working for the developing education system for needy people

The world is growing for humans in terms of technology and economy. But in reality, this is not the fact, people are valuing others with their assets and bank balance. The communication between people or humans has ended. The new communication between asset dealers increases too much.

That’s why people only communicate with levels. But in that situation some good people are making arrangements for others and thinking for others. Especially for the education of the poor people as they are the same human as us.

2. Thinking and working for the developing food supply for needy people

The need for food increases world wide and now food is facing shortage. Because the food is now only available to those people which flow with the money and earning. The people who are unable to do it are not getting food for free as this is too expensive now.

But for their life some of the good people are still in the right direction, which does support them from the heart. As many materialistic people only think from the mind and take only beneficial steps.

3. Thinking and working for the developing of different shelters

The world is moving too fast. Everyone is so busy building their own property and lifestyle. But in reality, humans forget that nothing will remain the same till the end. Money never stops in anyone’s pocket, but it gives good feelings when it is used for others without any return.

Intelligent people do invest in other life to get real happiness in their personal life. Some provide good solutions to others with permanent shelters and charity. As they know the real purpose of life, that’s why they follow it from heart and mind.

4. Arrangement and planning towards the basic need of clean water

Few times back water is only available in the lines and the rivers for easy access to everyone. But now the people are making the world a better place, that’s why they begin to sell it to others. People making and creating pollution and selling things by making it pure. This is the new style of our new world in which everything is available against money.

This is same for the clean water, for the poor people clean water is not available for free. For that they need to do too much struggle and effort. But in the current situation some good people are taking care of this matter as well. They are making things easy for the poor people with their charities.

5. Taking care for the minorities and their legal rights

As the humans are increasing their wealth and socialization, the care for others is decreasing. In all the matters now people are thinking too much and doing calculations. No one is ready to use senses and their feelings about others. This is the same happening with the minorities normal living rights.

The way of doing good things for others reduces, sacrifices for others reduces. The reality of the real animal is shown by the humans. As some are still on the right path and doing help and support for the right things.

6. Develop support and rights system for women

The value of women as a human is on top, but the world makes them value less. As people forget they are our sisters, mothers, daughters and in many other relations. People make them a low value thing, because the human system makes them low in treatment and worth. The good way supporters always stand for them and fight for their rights without any personal benefits.

For some people women are worth a lot. They are doing their best to support them in any condition with their wealth.

7. Plan for the more charity support and regular collection cycle

The proper planning needed for the collection and arrangement of charity. This needs much effort and awareness in the general public. As this is the regular cycle which needs to be run on a daily basis. Charity organization for homeless need big funding and regular maintenance as well.

Because the population is increasing and the demand for different things on account of charity increases.

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