Three Printing Techniques For Printed Bakery Packaging UK

So you searched for ‘bakery packaging UK’ in hopes of learning more about custom printed bakery boxes. Well, you are in the right place. 

This blog will tell you the importance of custom prints with bakery packaging. Furthermore, we will touch on some common printing techniques that can help you make wonderful custom-printed bakery boxes.

Let’s begin.

Importance Of Custom Prints

Bakery boxes are not just for carrying bakery items. In fact, custom-printed bakery boxes can do a lot more for your business.

For starters, they can help increase brand awareness. By having your branding and logo on the box, customers will be more likely to remember your bakery. 

Additionally, custom prints can also help improve the perception of your bakery business. Let’s look at why custom prints can help improve the perception of your bakery.

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Custom Prints Can Do A Lot For Your Business

Custom prints are great because they enable you to convey interesting information about your bakery business. You can use them to tell stories or give instructions on how items should be used. 

For example, you could use custom prints to show a picture of a cake being cut, with the text “How to cut a cake like a pro” next. That would give your customers instructions on how to enjoy your cakes best.

You could also use custom prints to show a picture of a cake decorated with sprinkles and have some text encouraging customers to add their personalised touch. 

That way, you can tell your customers what they could do while also making the box look inviting and interesting.

You can convince more people to buy your bakery items by doing this. These types of custom prints are great for building a connection with your customers and helping to improve the perception of your bakery.

Now that we’ve looked at why custom prints are important let’s look at some printing techniques that can help you create beautiful bakery boxes.

Printing Techniques For Bakery Boxes

There are a few different printing techniques that you can use for your bakery boxes. Here are a few of them:

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing

Let’s study some details about these techniques

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a popular technique that can produce high-quality prints. Depending on the type of bakery box you are trying to create, offset printing could end up being your best option. 

Offset printing involves an inked image being transferred onto a metal plate which serves as the basis for each print. The metal plates are then placed on printing machines that transfer these images onto the bakery boxes.

For offset prints, you’ll want to go with a matte finish. That will ensure that your text doesn’t become too reflective, which you don’t want. 

Offset printing is great for creating professional-looking packaging in large quantities. 

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Digital Printing

For digital printing, printers use lasers to transfer ink onto different types of materials. For bakery packaging, you’ll most likely want to use a digital printer to create custom boxes with highly-reflective finishes.

That will ensure that your designs and logos appear the same way on all of your bakery boxes, which is an important part of gaining customer trust. 

Digital printing is an ideal option for brands with a limited budget for custom printing their packaging. 

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great technique for small businesses to create bakery boxes with unique designs. This technique uses a mesh screen to transfer ink onto the box’s surface.

This printing technique is perfect for creating colourful designs and patterns on your bakery boxes. Additionally, screen printing is also a good option for businesses looking to save money on their printing costs.

Now that you know a little more about the different printing techniques available to you, it’s time to start designing your perfect bakery box. 

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In Conclusion

You can create a unique and memorable experience for your customers by using custom prints. So don’t hesitate to experiment with different design ideas and see what works best for your bakery business.

When searching for ‘bakery boxes UK’ or ‘bakery packaging UK‘, ensure that the bakery boxes wholesale supplier offers in-house printing options. That can help you to deliver a more personalised product to your customers.

Remember, the most important thing about bakery boxes is making sure that they positively impact your customer’s experience. 

Offer them an amazing custom printing experience, and you’ll quickly see an improvement in both sales and brand awareness!

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