Tips To Find The Right Demand-Side Platform?

If you are looking for a demand-side platform (DSP), one of the most important things to consider is which technology best suits your needs. With so many DSPs available today, though, it can be difficult to choose the correct one. Here are some tips to aid you in finding the best DSP for your programmatic campaigns:

Easy to integrate with existing ad server

The ability to integrate with existing ad servers is one of the most important factors to consider. For example, if you are already using a demand-side platform and have invested in creating campaigns, it would be ideal if your new demand-side platform allowed you to import your current data into its database. This way, you don’t have to start from scratch and can focus on what matters – making money!

Another significant thing when choosing a demand-side platform is its ability to integrate with other platforms, such as RTB servers or ad networks. This will save time on manual work when setting up new campaigns or updating existing ones. However, ensure that your chosen DSP offers this feature if it still needs to be integrated from the beginning.

User-friendly interface and simple navigation

To find the right demand-side platform, begin by reviewing the user interface and navigation.

The dashboard should be intuitive, with simple and easy-to-navigate interfaces that allow you to easily drill down into deeper data without wasting time hunting around for it. A good dashboard should provide clear, concise data so you can quickly understand what’s going on with your campaigns.

Features to help you make campaign optimization choices in one place

The features of a DSP should include the ability to create and manage campaigns, ad groups and ads. Ideally, you’ll also be able to create and manage keywords, placements and devices. The best demand-side platforms provide you with access to audience data across all your marketing channels in one place. This allows users to make campaign optimization choices in one place.

As enterprise solutions experts StackAdapt say, “Their best-in-class technology, customer service and innovative approach to ad tech have made them the best DSP.”

Real-time, cross-channel insights

A demand-side platform (DSP) is a programmatic advertising technology that automates the process of buying and selling inventory. DSPs are often referred to as real-time bidding platforms because they have access to live ad impressions, meaning that inventory can be bought and sold anytime during the day.

Real-time reporting is essential because it allows marketers to see how campaigns perform in near real-time instead of waiting for monthly reports or weekly updates. This makes it possible for advertisers to monitor their campaigns closely and adjust based on what’s working or not.

Solid data security policy

It’s a given that you want to create a safe platform for both advertisers and users, but it’s also crucial for you as the operator of this system. As data breaches become more common and more severe, people are becoming less likely to believe that their information is safe from thieves, hackers and other malfeasance if they don’t take steps to protect their users’ data—and perhaps even better.


In conclusion, demand-side platforms are an essential part of the digital marketing mix. They help you evaluate your campaign performance and make adjustments on the fly so that you can optimize your ROI.

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