Tips To Prepare and Send Your Little Munchkin to Preschool!

There was a time when being ready for kindergarten just meant knowing your name, contact number, residential address, etc. But now, the time has changed; several other things are essential to learning by kids so that they feel comfortable in Preschool schools.

Schools have come forward and made efforts to teach them all the things efficiently. Also, the plus point is schools have prepared their preschool fee structure in such a way that won’t hurt the parent’s pocket. In this way, they not only lessen the burden of parents but also help their children to get ready for Kindergarten.

Here are some of the tips that make your child ready for Kindergarten

Self Care

Parents are considered as the “child’s first teachers”. They teach their child the best so that they won’t feel uneasy at school. However, at this point of time when parents have less time to spend with their kids, teachers make utmost efforts to teach the lesson of “Self Care”.

Since, the parents won’t be able to stand all the time with kids, hence it becomes essential to teach them bodily needs like using the toilet, eating food, dressing, and so forth. It would be great if they learn all these things before entering school. If not, teachers are there to teach them vital lessons so that they won’t be dependent on others.


Your child is perfectly ready to go to preschool if he can communicate his needs with others like what he wants and what he doesn’t. Parents and teachers must encourage the child to use words to show what he feels and wants. It is very essential to put words to kids so that they can easily express their needs.

When your kid is curious about something and has queries in mind, let him come up with why? And what? This curiosity will make him active and focused in schools. Plus, your kid will stay interactive and dedicated to the teachings done in a class. It will further make your kid involved in the class.

Being a part of a group

Another thing which is very essential in a child is to get mixed with the other school students. As your child plays with others, watch his trait-like whether he is sharing things with others or not. If he is having some difficulties in this, then find out what’s the matter. This can only be possible if your child takes part in activities. Kindergarten schools in Noida mostly come up with these curricular activities for pre-learners to build their good sharing nature. Teachers make sure that students maintain discipline and won’t push other children while playing. In this way, a child not only brings out positive energy but also learns the best lessons of life.

Missing” feelings

It is normal that your kids miss mom and daddy but make sure that this feeling does not overwhelm them. Point out to your child that going to school is the best thing in your life. From there, you will get practice to work harder for the goals. Moreover, there are other things that you won’t be able to learn at home. When you make your child comfortable with the kindergarten surroundings, he would also have a craze for attending preschool.

Teach them to be good listeners.

You will have to make her do a lot of things, Little ones will learn the basics of school in a creative and fun way, surrounded by their favorite Disney princesses. They will draw, write, speak in sentences, and listen to well-known stories while following instructions given by teachers. Every activity is carefully planned in order to enhance children’s learning process and prepare them for kindergarten.

Encourage them to be independent.

It is very important for your child to be independent and learn to do certain activities on his own when he starts going to preschool. There will be different types of educational toys for him to play with and amongst them should be a balance bike.

Your child will be exposed to many different activities, such as taking part in outdoor play, singing rhymes and songs, crafts and games. At the same time, your child will also learn simple words and phrases and the names of colors and shapes in her daily interactions with teachers and other children.

The Final Note!

We can understand that parents have pressure to make their children ready for school. But, now several international public schools have also come forward to lessen the burden from parents’ shoulders. The Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Noida is one of them that makes efforts to prepare your child for school. We are using blocks, puzzles, and art material in order to teach them efficiently. What else do we do? Communicate with our staff and faculty! Also, you can visit our website.

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