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Top 5 Tips for Eye-catching Arrangement of Furniture

Eye-catching Arrangement of Furniture

A room is a perfect place to show your creativity. Simply stacking up furniture will not make the room look beautiful. It is the reason interior designers are so much in demand. Here, we are going to tell you some excellent DIY tips to get your furniture arrangements right. It will make your guests go gaga over your interior décor.

1. Functionality:

The first thing you need to decide is how you are planning to use the room. It will help you choose the kind of furnishing you need and the number of seats to fill the space. Decide for every room the kind and number of furniture required. For instance, what furniture are you going to put in the children’s study room apart from the study table and chair? Would you like to go for a four or six-piece modern dining table? And so on.

2. Identify the Crucial Points:

Every room has some critical areas to draw attention like television, fireplace, showcase, etc. The furniture should be laid out so that the area of attention remains at these focal points. For instance, if you watch television in the room, you need to place sofas in that direction. There should be a minimum 45 inches distance between the chair and television set. Remember, the distance will depend on the size of your television.

3. Prioritize:

Place the furniture where they are meant to be – like big sofas in the living room, double bed in bedrooms, chairs wherever required. Contemporary furniture like chairs can be placed in any room but make sure that they are used in the area where you are placing them. Simply stacking up an area with unnecessary furniture will make the place look congested. Leave enough space to move around. Don’t push the furniture to the wall.

Well, you can do it in case you have a small area. Place sofas, chairs, couches in a way that facilitates easy conversation among guests. A coffee table can be placed in the living room. If you have a beautiful garden and love spending time there with family & friends, then going for a modern coffee table with wheels would be smart.

4. Symmetry:

The symmetrical placement of furniture and fixtures works best to give space a sophisticated formal look. At the same time, the asymmetrical arrangement is perfect for creating a refreshing casual feel.

5. Think About Passage:

Place furniture in a way that doesn’t obstruct the moment in the room. Keep large furniture in such a way that it doesn’t come in the doorway or block path. There should be a minimum of 25 inches of space left for walking. If the path is often used to carry heavy items, leave at least 35 to 45 inches of width. In the bedroom, avoid placing the bed directly in front of the door. It not only looks bad but also makes carrying things difficult.

Follow these simple tips for arranging modern furniture in your house. It will make your place look spacious and stunning.

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