Top 6 Hand Bag Design Software for Online Store

With Hand Bag Design Software, you can easily input your desired dimensions, select your materials, and even add in your own logo. With this program, you can create the perfect handbag in no time at all.

What if you could design ideas to create every component of a fantastic-looking bag or backpack (2D panels)? The software will serve as the foundation for your final 3D backpack or bag project.

Thankfully, the days of creating templates for your panels using pen and paper are over.

Today, we have access to specialist Hand Bag Design Software that allows us to fine-tune every component of our designs with precision and professionalism. Additionally, you can have automatic measurements and render your models faster.

To make your product, you can utilize either 2D or 3D purse or Hand Bag Design Software. It’s a little easier to make 2D panels that you can print off and cut materials than make 3D models.

Best Hand Bag Design Software for Online Store

So, let us go through the list of the best bag pattern-making software alternatives available, so you can easily design your own leather bags, book bags, and coffee bags.


The inkXE handbag designer solution allows for real-time engagement and the creation of your own unique handbag design. It’s simple: you choose the handbag type, the components (front, back, side panel, lower panel, inside shoulder strap, and metal hardware), and the finishing touches (different colored leathers, initials, or text).

Product Tour:


  • It is designed to provide fully customizable Bag designer tool solutions to meet the needs of businesses.
  • It comes with an integrated e-commerce storefront and a Bag designer tool.
  • A designer’s tool that works across all platforms and devices.
  • Pre-installed font with a leather touch.

2. ImprintNext:

ImprintNext is an online bag design tool that uses HTML5 and AngularJS technology to create a range of bags, including clutches, coolers, messenger bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, wristlets, and more. Added with a slew of easy-to-use but bespoke choices to make custom bag design a breeze. Furthermore, this software/tool for designing personalized bags.

Live Demo:

The online paper shopping bag design tool/software may be used to create fashionable gift bags in a variety of sizes. This software package is ideal for paper bag design and printing companies since it has excellent functionality and modern features. Customers are very picky these days and don’t want to be bored with a basic paper bag design, thus the design must be eye-catching. Business owners have recognized the importance of shopping bags, and they are now used in all retail stores.

A vast number of pre-loaded libraries are included and photos, symbols, basic designs, clipart, and other items. It aids in the delivery of the best visualization and will undoubtedly attract the attention of your potential customers. All of these tools enable your consumers to make incredibly personalized bags.

3. Marvelous Designer:

Marvelous Designer is one of the great hand bad design software that was created exclusively to assist users in creating amazing fashion designs in 3D.

No matter how intricate the models or patterns are, you may use this software to swiftly and easily produce bags, backpacks, blouses, t-shirts, jeans, and more.

This software will build a 3D render of the fabrics you selected for your project. It gives you an accurate picture of how you final products look after printing.

Marvelous Designer is compatible with the majority of other 3D design applications and has a well-designed user interface that aids in the workflow.

4. Optitex:

Optitex is another excellent handbag design software solution that comes with all of the capabilities you’ll need to create amazing fashion designs quickly.

With variable stitching, style, and other features, you may make bags and other accessories.

Any aspect of your bag design can be quickly turned into a 3D virtual model. When you start a new project, it saves you money and time while also allowing you to see a high-quality reproduction of what you made.

This program allows you to keep in continual communication with all of the pieces in your supply chain, making information accessible to all parties involved and lowering manufacturing costs.

Constant communication with your suppliers and partners allows you to make informed decisions at all times, streamlining the manufacturing process.

5. Modo:

Modo is another extremely handy bag design program. This program was created to create 3D designs, texture, and generate complicated materials and patterns.

Modo has excellent direct modeling capabilities and flexible procedural modeling and the MeshFusion Boolean toolset, as well as other excellent sculpting tools.

This software was created to be simple to use and comprehend for artists and designers of all skill levels without limiting your capacity to make amazing backpacks and bags.

6. SolidWorks:

Solidworks is another excellent bag pattern-making software. You get design features to build backpacks and bags and include a variety of capabilities.

Moreover, you can use this software to design your project, simulate its use to detect any potential faults, estimate production costs, and verify that all manufacturing instructions are proper.

This edition also includes a standard library of parts, like as buckles, pins, and straps, that you can use by simply dragging and dropping them into your project.

It also gives you access to the SolidWorks Costing tool. You can use to estimate the prices of individual parts or the entire project, regardless of its size.


Designing bags and backpacks isn’t difficult because you can make things a lot easier by using specialized design software.

Lastly, we get the top 6 handbag design software from this article. Moreover, it covers both the needs of experienced designers and also people who just started their design saga.

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