Top Five Agile Project Management Software to Look Out for in 2022

What does an Agile Project Management Software do?

Agile project management software are incredibly popular for a number of reasons. The software helps you out in a variety of ways; from allowing you to manage a project to helping with invoicing and more. These days, experts highly recommend that any business which wants to succeed . Should have an agile project management software that it uses.

Ideally, an agile project management software allows you to break the entirety of your project into smaller tasks which can then be assigned to different people within your team . Easily monitored for how much progress has been made when it comes to the task being completed.

The software helps you organize your tasks, gives you a realistic timeline for when that task will be completed among other things. All in all, this software allows you to make a lot of management decisions much more easily, organize everything more efficiently and have more realistic deadlines and goals which can be communicated to clients and set realistic expectations instead of putting unneeded pressure on you! So what are some of the best agile project management software in the market today? If you are curious then keep on reading and learn more.

Top 5 Agile Project Management Software in the Market


There are several features in ActiveCollab which make it a top choice for agile project management software for so many businesses. The software has a great task management feature which allows for you . Your team to assign tasks to specific team members which can then be looked at individually to monitor every team member’s progress separately. The software also has a collaborative feature which allows for you and your team to write on the same text based document on the software to share notes, ideas, brainstorm together and much more. This helps increase the synergy between team members and helps everyone to feel like their voice is being not only heard but valued.


Next we have Bitrix24 software which again is a great option for an agile project management software for a plethora of reasons. The first reason being the instant messaging feature which allows for you and your team to immediately communicate with each other professionally. Previously, emails were the only way you could talk to a team member and the response time for those usually lagged depending on when your colleague replied to the email. However, with Bitrix24’s instant messaging feature, you are likely to get a reply much sooner. The software also has a daily planner feature which helps you to plan your day to day tasks and be able to see what tasks are left . What you need to do and what has to be completed all in one place!


Airtable is another software we want to talk about. This software has a great tagging feature which enables everyone in the team added to Airtable to be able to tag one another. If you leave a comment about some feedback for your team mate. You can tag them in the comment to ensure they see your feedback almost immediately. This helps keep everyone on board and notify people when they have to be notified. The software also has a great combined workflow feature which allows you team to look at the task . Everyone in the team is incharge of, look at where in the pipeline the project has reached and much more!

Jira Agile

Jira Agile is another great agile project management software option. This software has a number of wonderful features which make it a premium option for you. The software supports scrum and Kanban which means you are able to choose your own workflow . You do not have to worry about being limited in options . Are able to choose accordingly. The software also has an interface which is very user friendly. The interface allows for you to be able to get used to the software in no time at all. This means you are able to hit the ground running and not find yourself grappling with trying to understand a new software!

Pivotal Tracker

Next and finally, we have Pivotal Tracker which is a pivotal software when it comes down to project management. The software is one of the best agile project management software out there for a number of reasons. The software has a feature which allows you to monitor workflows for everyone . Thus allows everyone to see the real time progress of the software as you would want it! The software also has a workflow planning feature which allows for a visual representation of what the breakdown of the project . What steps have to be completed in order for the project in its entirety to completed as well!

Which Agile Project Management Software Should you Choose

We can tell you at length about various agile project management software but when it comes down to it. Best agile project management software is the one which caters to your needs in the best way possible. This is why we suggest making a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software . Choosing the software which caters to these needs. We also suggest you read as many agile project management software reviews .  As you can to see which software are well review . Hence base your decisions on this information! We are sure whatever software you choose, will be the right software for you and your needs!

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