Top Future Mixed Reality Applications to Watch Out For

Mixed reality is a term used to describe a technology that allows users to experience and interact with digital content in the real world. This can be done through various platforms, including virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses.

The most widely used mix reality technologies application is gaming, where users can play games with other players in real-world environments using any device that supports this technology. With the rise in popularity of these devices over the past few years, many other industries have also started adopting mixed reality. Here are some of the most popular future applications of mixed reality:


This is a new frontier for gaming, and developers are taking the opportunity to create more immersive experiences. Currently, mixed reality can be used to make a game world feel more realistic, but it could also be used to create a more social experience.

You can play games like Minecraft, where you can see your friends playing as well. The potential for multiplayer experiences is huge—you could have an entire party playing together on one field!


A unique application of AR technology is its ability to help students visualize concepts that are difficult to explain. This could be applied to any topic and give them a real-life experience of how things work.

For example, if you’re teaching your class about how engines work and how they convert energy into motion, you could use AR to show them an actual engine at work or demonstrate it with animations on their smartphones or tablets.

Social Media

Social media is already a staple in your lives, and as technology advances, it will likely become even more widely used. The benefits of mixed reality for social media are immense: such as you can say goodbye to selfie sticks and awkward angles because, with your smartphone camera, you’ll be able to take photos that look like professionals took them.

The drawbacks of using mixed reality for social media include its ability to make you feel insecure about what you post online—but then again, there are plenty of other ways that social media might make you feel this way as well!


There are many potential applications for mixed reality in the medical field, including training, research, diagnosis and treatment. “MR allows surgeons to utilize MR-powered X-ray vision to look under a patient’s skin to blood vessels and bones during any surgery,” as Adobe 3D AR experts mentions.

For example, a doctor could use mixed reality to show a patient what an injury looks like on their body so they can understand the severity of the problem. Or doctors could use mixed reality to scan patients’ brains and identify abnormalities more easily than with traditional methods. In addition to these use cases for patients themselves, there are also opportunities for medical professionals as well.

Shopping Experience

Another great use for mixed reality is to create a shopping experience that allows the user to see and examine products without having to go out of their homes or offices. This could help both customers and retailers because it will save time, energy, and money. This could be very useful for someone who’s trying on clothes before buying them; they can get a better idea of how something fits by seeing themselves in the mirror wearing it rather than just holding it up against their body.

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