Top Things To Do InTriund Trek

Triund is the most mesmerizing and alluring trek in the Himalayas. Situated in a  lap of Dhauladhar ranges, it’s quite near Dharamshala. The spell-bound views from the summit of Dhauladhar ranges. The trek is very easy for beginners. The spectacular views from the top at different times of the day. The dusky moonrise at night and these are the most charming highlights of the Triund trek.

Here are the things which you must do on the Triund trek

1. Trikund hill

This beautiful place is located on a spectacular hilltop 17km from Dharamshala at an altitude of 2827 mt. People would love to visit this place to witness the snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges. This place is the crown of Dharamshala. 

2. Bhagsu waterfall

This is the easiest trek one can do while on the Triund trek. This place falls under the route of the Bhagsuka temple. Many devotees are attracted to the Bhagsuka temple. The waterfall is surrounded by mountains and it’s really a treat for the eye. This place’s major attraction other than the waterfall is Bhagsu temple. Do not miss the striking view from the top of Kangra valley. Also the perfect destinations for photographers.

3. Naddi viewpoint

The ideal location to catch the magnificent viewpoint of Dhauladhar ranges. the away from the nadd which relate on the purpose its away for the some basic user on the addi view point  on the purpose on the related which the fund on the relation of near by maharastra of basic view point on the related of the view point.

4. Guna Devi temple

An absolutely mesmerizing place in the Dhauladhar mountain ranges it’s also the place for devotees. The temple Guna Devi is a dedicated temple for Goddess Durga. The whole journey towards Guna Devi temple is accompanied by Dal lake. Before reaching to Guna temple witness a fantastic view of the Ghasutri passway to Chamba valley.

5. Tsechokling gompa

It’s a popular monastery in the region and has a lot of religious importance.  The monks at Gompa

made two huge drums covered by goatskin and painted beautifully.

6. Bhagsunath temple

The temple is surrounded by beautiful pools and lush greenery this is the oldest temple from ancient times. The Hindu and Gorakh community have a lot of religious beliefs in the Bhagsunath temple.

7. Dal Lake

Beautiful misty morning, with tall trees, untouched hills, and a breath of fresh air. Upon reaching Triund and a touch of walking reach your campsite. Enjoy this greener space by the Triund view. This sparkling lake is surrounded by deodar trees and is taken into account to be a sacred space as there is a small Shiva temple beside the bank. There are different kinds of fish which are used to sleep in the lake.

 Have a blissful and panoramic view from the Triund summit. Enjoy your stay in these magnificent ranges of Dhauladhar. This scenic place will always remain in your heart forever. Surrounded by these many beautiful places one can easily do this trek. The beautiful meadows and landscapes are the real beauty of this trek.

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